Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 21st March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 21st March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Abhiraj offering help to Amruta while Virat says that Murli will clean it and she doesn't need to get bothered while he gets pricked by a piece of glass.

Later, when he is about to clean his wound, Amruta sees him as he gets very scared and she comes to help him.

He shouts at her saying first she hurts him and then comes to treat it while he says that he can manage himself as Amruta dresses the wound.

Virat says that she will touch his feet while she tells him that he can do nothing without her.

Concurrently, Abhiraj records them talking to each other and Amruta cleans his wound when Virat asks her what if this piece had pricked Babita's foot then what she would have done as she says that she did this to save Jahan who lost her house because of him.

Amruta proceeds to leave as he pulls her close and says that she will go when he wants.

Abhiraj makes their video when he accidentally makes a pot fall they see towards the door.

They doubt that someone was there but Virat quickly says that nothing will be visible to her as her eyes are damaged which is why she only sees Virat wrong even though he has not done anything.

On the other hand, Abhiraj goes from there and sees the video he recorded while he conspired against Virat while Ishika and Babita talk to each other when Babita says that Ishika's plan was useless.

It didn't cause any harm to them and ruined her health. Ishika apologizes to her and assures her that she will come up with something good.

Babita says that she has no plans as Abhiraj calls her from behind and says that she doesn't look fine and she should rest while he asks her if she has any incomplete project to do and adds that the one that tries never fails.

Babita thanks him for motivating him as he gets a call and leaves.

They both discuss that Babita should have acted unwell and that would have done.

The next day, Bhavani cooks food and Amruta is getting ready to go for her interview while Virat comes and asks Murli for juice when he smells the aroma of tasty food that Bhavani is cooking.

He gets lost in its aroma as Babita and Nimrit scare him from behind.

Subsequently, he wishes all the best to Nimrit for her interview as Jahan plays songs while doing Zumba.

Subsequently, the meeting starts and Nimrit starts her speech but no one can concentrate on it since they are distracted by the music sound coming from outside.

They ask Babita who they are and Babita says that they are illiterate and do not have any manners while Amruta says that she has manners and they might not be able to afford branded things but have etiquette as Virat asks her to talk properly.

Meanwhile, Babita feels dizzy while Virat blames Amruta for it.

Bhavani asks Harsh to bring the medicines while Ishika is trying to cut the pipe of the gas supply but harsh comes and she hides.

However, he finds the medicine and gives it to Babita while Ishika makes a hole in the gas supply.

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