Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 22nd March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat seeing Ishika coming from the terrace as he asks her where the glucose is while Babita has the medicine and Nimrit and Ishika take Babita to her room.

The Chitnis family also leaves while Virat suspects Ishita because he had seen her coming from the terrace and goes to check if everything is fine.

He hears Bhavani coming and he leaves while Bhavani insists on Amruta having food and then going. She heats the food and asks for the matchbox while the gas is on as Amruta gives her the matchbox.

She says that she doesn't feel like eating now and will eat when she returns.

Meanwhile, Ishika wakes Babita up and tells her that everyone is gone when Babita says that faking being faint is very tough but she did a good job as Ishika says that she acted pretty good and Virat doesn't suspect her at all.

Babita asks her what the plan is while she says that the plan is very good and they just need to take care that they don't go out of the room and she tells her the entire plan.

Babita says that this is a very dangerous plan and that any mishap can occur as the fire might spread.

She adds that since the house is hers, she will be blamed for this but Ishika says that the terrace is not the part of their house and this will not be her mistake.

Babita disapproves of the plan saying she is not a murderer as Ishika assures that no lives will be lost and it is just a warning for Chitnis' family to stop bothering them.

She asks Babita to have trust in her plan.

Concurrently, Bhavani convinces her to eat food as she tries to light the gas stove.

On the other hand, Virat wonders how Babita got a panic attack and blames it on Amruta when he suddenly smells gas and recalls Ishika going to the terrace and sees Amruta trying to light the matchbox.

As soon as Virat reaches, the cylinder blasts while Virat takes Amruta aside and she starts panicking while everyone gathers there as Abhiraj wonders if Ishika has taken a very big step while they take Amruta and Bhavani aside.

Virat brings water for them and asks if they are fine while he sends Abhiraj away.

Dildaar assures that everything will be cleaned and calls the doctor as Harsh says that everything is fine.

Subsequently, Virat asks Bhavani to tell him if she needs anything and says that he doesn't have any idea how it happened as Dildaar goes to check the gas.

Murli brings lemon water for them while Dildar wonders why Babita and Ishika haven't come outside while Babita scolds Ishika for not telling her the plan and says that she would have never supported this plan.

She panics saying that she doesn't know how to manage and Ishika tells her to calm down they hear Dildar come and he ask why she didn't come outside despite so much noise while Ishita says that this must have been their fault while Babita also blames them and Dildar asks them them not to do the things that might put innocent lives at risk.

On the flip side, Chitnis' family cleans the terrace while Jahan goes for some ration shopping. Bhavani thanks Virat for being there at the right time as Amruta sees them.

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