Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 23rd March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat helping Bhavani while she thanks him for being there at the right time as he says that nothing would have happened to Amruta.

Amruta sees it all while Virat helps her in cleaning the house when he taunts Amruta saying she always keeps blaming him for everything.

He asks Bhavani to sit and brooms the floor as Amruta sees it all happening but Bhavani tells him how to broom the floor.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj sees Amruta standing while she thinks that whatever Virat might try to prove to them by being so helpful, he is the only one responsible for their situation.

He shouldn't have blamed her for theft in the first place which is where it all began.

If something had happened to Bhavani, she would have never forgiven herself Abhiraj thinks that the enmity between Amruta and Virat should not turn into a friendship so he tries to tell Amruta that Virat has done this under the pretext of talking to himself.

He sees a video of Virat on the phone which Amruta also sees and asks if Virat was on the terrace while he says that it is an old video.

Amruta doesn't believe this and asks him to tell her the truth as he says that he was just recording the video to send it to his mother when Virat came into the frame.

Amruta is still in disbelief and leaves while Bhavani thanks Virat again and serves him food to eat.

She asks him to eat it till she checks where Harsh and Jahan are when Amruta comes there all of a sudden and asks him how he could do that.

Virat tells her that she has not stolen this food and Bhavani has given it to him while she accuses him of trying to attack them which leaves Virat shocked as he is clueless about what she is saying.

He asks her what she is saying to which she tells him that he had planned to destroy their life and so he did.

She cries and blames him saying that she would have lost Bhavani because of his revenge and leaves without listening to him and Abhiraj enters as he plans on executing his second plan.

On the flip side, Jahan and Harsh argue as Jahan says that he shouldn't have interrupted the bargaining she was doing while he says that she shouldn't have bargained for the matter of five rupees when Bhavani comes there and asks them not to fight.

Bhavani tells them that Virat has cleaned it while Amruta tells them whatever happened. Virat sees it from a distance while Bhavani refuses to believe and tells them she has seen in the video what he did.

She says that he didn't even think that this could have caused the loss of lives and she can't trust him anymore.

She later warns them against Virat and Bhavani tells her to focus on her interview and not on these things.

They leave while Virat comes there and pulls her as he shouts at her asking how can she think so badly about him while she tells him that Abhiraj was right when he told her that Virat was behind all this.

He leaves as she calls the police and complains about Virat. Later, Virat recalls all the incidents happening with the Chitnis and concludes that Ishika is behind all this.

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