Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 25th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta getting furious with Virat while Bhavani asks her about her interview as she tells her that it's going to be online while she goes to the market.

Meanwhile, kavita asks Babita why she allowed them to stay here and she should get them to pack their bags and go away.

She further asks why Virat gets weak when it comes to Amruta when he is so tough in front of other girls.

Babita says that she feels helpless about it and Kavita says that this will bother Bebe for sure because it is all hers and she won't let this business shatter.

She says that Virat should do something big for the business and asks Babita if something is going on between him and Amruta. Babita refuses it and asks Kavita about her sudden plan to visit her.

She tells her about Anil's recent launch of his business in South Africa and had a meeting here while Babita tells her that Virat is going to sign a big deal today so today is the day of celebration.

Babita says that Virat is very soft at heart as he goes to help and himself becomes a victim while Kavita assures her that she will make everything fine.

On the other hand, Amruta gets ready for her interview and practices her introduction and answers and she calms herself down.

Subsequently, Virat drinks alcohol while Abhiraj comes and says that he didn't meet Kavita as Virat says that so much is going on, and this is what he is concerned about.

They get into an argument when Virat insults him and says that he is not even his family because if he was his family then he would have stayed by his side but he stood with Amruta.

Abhiraj asks him to keep it low since Amruta's interview is going on.

He goes there and interrupts her ongoing interview while she requests him to please keep quiet as she badly needs this job.

He does not listen to her and sits in front of the camera which impresses the interviewees as they think that she has handled such a high-profile client but Virat tells things about Amruta which tells them that she is very unprofessional while she joins her hands in front of him not to do this.

He tells them about Amruta shifting to his terrace and asks them to fix her job while they reject her for the job.

Virat mocks her as she shouts at him and asks him to go away. Just then Dildaar and Abhiraj come and she tells them what happened blames Virat for spoiling her interview and goes away.

Virat tells Dildaar that Amruta keeps on saying these things and blames him for every inconvenience. Dildar first lets him speak further and scolds him for ruining her interview and his life.

Elsewhere, Amruta cries as she wonders why he hates her a lot while Abhiraj comes and fakes to console her.

He somehow provokes her to take revenge and says that he risked Bhavani's life to satisfy his ego and also says that he is always there for her as her friend.

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