Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 26th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 26th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta getting worried as she thinks to herself that she was very close to her goal and that if she had gotten the job, she would have fought for Jahan.

Meanwhile, Bhavani comes and asks about her interview as Amruta tells her that she doesn't feel good about this job so she refused while Bhavani asks her to accept this job for now.

Concurrently, Virat washes his face as Shekhar comes and asks him how could he forget an important meeting like this while he tells him about Amruta complaining about him to the police.

He says that she is very close to Abhiraj but she wants to stay away from him and leaves saying that either she stays close to him or far away, it doesn't matter.

Elsewhere, Kavita and Abhiraj are talking about their conspiracy against Virat as Kavita appreciates him for his good plan to rule over this empire of Virat as he plans to shatter Virat using Amruta.

On the flip side, Bhavani talks to Amruta saying that Amruta stands out among everyone because of her capability to fight against wrong things, and adds that she might sound selfish right now but she is thinking for the good. She asks her if she will win this fight for Jahan while Amruta says that she will win as Bhavani's daughter is no less than Bhavani and adds that now the world will see how Amruta stands these problems.

Subsequently, Abhiraj appreciates Kavita and her earrings asking her if these are real but she says that it's all fake but look real.

She tells him that she will have to look rich for her plan to work and adds that she is all ready to rule over this empire and alerts Abhira to execute his plan carefully or else they will know that they have become penniless.

Meanwhile, the Ahuja family gets ready for the party as Abhiraj and Kavira come as they complement Virat.

They talk about the deal getting done with Singhania's so that they can party every day.

Babita says that she misses Delhi a lot as she used to have a party there every week but here she can't do anything as Chitnis' family is there on the terrace.

He sends everyone away and goes to take Bhavani's blessings while Amruta doesn't like this and he teases her by mentioning the five steps away rule.

She replies saying that one day he will also have to suffer as he asks Bhavani to take her to the mental hospital.

Virat leaves and they reach Singhania's place as the media gather around Virat asking him about the deal.

Abhiraj and Kavita get jealous to see the attention he is getting while Nimrit comes there and says that Virat always gets what he wants and people wishing for his bad somehow get in trouble.

Abhiraj asks her not to be jealous of Virat as he is her brother. In the meantime, Abhiraj takes Shekhar's phone somehow as he expects Amruta to come there to spoil Virat's meeting. 

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