Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 episode 2 starts with Virat announcing Nimrit's pre-engagement ceremony when Shekhar runs into Amrita leading her to drop her phone.

Amrita picks the phone up and cuts the video call when Shekhar meets Amrita and introduces himself as a friend and assistant of Virat. 

She tells Shekhar that she needs to meet Virat and take his signature, while on the other hand, Jayesh tells Shikha that Bhavani asked him to keep their affair a secret until Amrita gets married.

However, Shikha asks Jayesh to make a choice, stating that if he loves her, he needs to leave his family and come to her with his property and Amrita's FD. 

Shikha states that if Jayesh doesn't do as she wants, she'll think that he's coming to her for money while Jayesh tells Shikha that he loves her.

Outside, the reporters attend to Virat while Amrita tries to talk to him but Shekhar stops Amrita, stating that she can talk to Virat after the reporters.

After talking to the reporters, Virat gets into the yacht, making Amrita go after him who spots Shekhar signaling him to help Amrita.

Virat pulls Amrita onto the yacht and leaves from there while the yacht leaves the port, making Amrita get stuck there.

Amrita asks Shekhar to stop the yacht as she has to get down for her parent's anniversary but Shekhar asks Amrita not to worry, adding that she can get down from the yacht in a while.

She video calls Jayesh leading Shikha to attend to the video call when Jayesh sees this and turns the phone around so that Amrita doesn't see him with Shikha.

Amrita informs Jayesh that she is stuck in the middle of the sea, making Jayesh cut the call while Virat sees Amrita and asks who invited her, making Amrita state it was him.

Just then, Dadi asks Virat to come upstairs leading Virat to agree and leaves from there while Amrita asks Shekhar to allow her to talk to Virat and complete the bank formality. 

Shekhar says Virat is busy in the pre-engagement ceremony, making Shekhar asks Amrita to eat something until then.

Elsewhere, Jayesh returns home and talks to Bhavani leading him to state that he has decided what to do, and thinks to inform Amrita about making a business plan without his money.

On the Yacht, Amrita eats and overhears Mukesh and his wife talking about the dowry while Virat learns from Shekhar that Amrita came from the bank to take his biometrics.

Virat asks Babita why she invited the bank people, making Babita state that it's a pre-engagement ceremony gift.

Amrita asks Virat if he can complete the formalities, making Virat comment on Amrita and leaves from there.

Somewhere, Gautam comes to Bhavani's house and helps her, making her very happy.

At the sea, Babita asks Amrita to take Virat's biometric and transfer the money to the Shikawat's account.

Later, Amrita tells Harsh over the phone about the Ahuja's giving dowry on the veil of pre-engagement gift leading the Ahuja's to overhear the conversation.

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