Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta apologizing to Bhavani promising her to mend everything and asking her not to be angry with her.

She hugs Bhavani and Jahan.

Meanwhile, Virat talks to Babita as she says that she wants to forget everything about Chitnis' family because she knows that this is making Virat sad.

Virat asks her if they do not deserve punishment for what they did but Babita says that they should get punishment but in a dignified way asking Virat to forget everything.

He asks her if she is fine, to which she says that she is not but she has opted for the road of peace and asks Virat to accompany her.

He promises her to be there for her despite whatever plan she has.

The next day Amruta sees Dildaar jogging and goes to talk to him but sees Virat coming and stops.

Virat meets Dildaar and apologizes to him for not being able to crack the deal while he is still angry with him.

Meanwhile, Amruta gets worried that if Dildaar goes back to his house after talking to Virat then she will not get a chance to talk to him and thus calls him.

He receives the call and she apologizes to him asking him for the number of Mr.Singhania so he can fix the deal.

Virat sends Dildaar home and collides with Amruta when she thinks that once she fixes the deal then everything will be fine while Virat thinks that fixing the deal will make Babita happy and then he will get another home for the Chitnis family.

Elsewhere, Kavita and Babita talk to each other as their bell rings and Jayesh and Ishika enter the house.

They sit as they discuss the plans for the evening.

Subsequently, Amruta goes to Mr.Singhania and hears him talking to someone about the previous day's drama saying that he cannot ruin their image by dealing with the Ahujas.

He sees Amruta and says that no victim card can help her join his company as she was at fault too.

She says that she is here to apologize but he sends her away while she asks for his two minutes.

On the flip side, Virat sits in his car to go to Mr.Singhania as Abhiraj comes there too.

They get into an argument while Virat asks him to go away but he doesn't.

Back at Singhania's office, Amruta tries to convince him to forget what happened as it was all her fault because what she said was not at all true.

Concurrently, Abhiraj keeps saying something or other things about Babita and Amruta which triggers Virat and he asks him not to utter a word about them as it is none of his business.

He warns him to stay away from Amruta while Abhiraj continues to provoke him and he asks him to confess his mistake in front of Amruta.

Meanwhile, Amruta says that Virat is unbeatable when it comes to work and respects his employees too.

He gets convinced and forgives Ahuja.

Just then, Virat and Abhiraj enter the office and he tells him about what Amruta was saying about him.

He puts a condition that Amruta will be in charge of the deal and will be handling the paperwork regarding it.

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