Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th November 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th November 2023 episode 3 starts with Amruta starting her work on the boat and regretting coming there while she should be present in making the preparations for the anniversary celebration.

Harsh sends Amruta a video of Gautam helping out Bhavani with the decorations which makes her angry as she thinks that Gautam is trying to impress her parents.

While continuing her work, Amruta calls Harsh and asks him what Gautam is doing at the event venue to which Harsh replies that Gautam is smudging butter by impressing Bhavani.

Amruta says that she is stuck in a boat doing some bank work which is nothing but transferring dowry money of the affluent Ahuja family.

Harsh asks Amruta what she means by dowry as it is a crime to accept or give dowry in the present date but Amruta says that the Ahujas seem to practice this illegal means very easily.

Amruta talks about how she does not tolerate such practices as they are degrading but the rich sections of society seem to support them openly.

The Ahujas stop dancing as they hear Amruta speaking on the ground level of the yacht and start hearing her comments silently.

Babita widens her eyes as Amruta calls the Ahujas cheap and corrupt who are ready to put a price on their daughter in exchange for her happiness.

Amruta says that she will never allow anyone in her circle to practice dowry as Jayesh has always taught her to walk an honest path in life.

Harsh agrees with Amruta after which she hangs up the call and Babita screams at Amruta to come upstairs as everyone has heard what she said about them.

Amruta comes upstairs after which Virat also hears Babita call him with Babita bursting in anger at Amruta for insulting her family.

Babita says that Amruta does not have the status to judge them while Amruta says sorry for saying such things in the middle of the function.

Virat asks Babita to let Amruta off the hook but Babita asks Amruta to sit on the ground and transfer the money as that is her rightful place.

Amruta obeys the orders as she knows that the Ahujas are her clients but gets frustrated as Babita breaks her laptop and continues to insult her father and family.

Babita says that Amruta's father must be a beggar which triggers Amruta and she says that her father started his own business without any support for which she feels proud.

As Babuta makes fun of Amruta still being unmarried, Amruta says that she does not tolerate dowry after which Babita asks Virat to throw Amruta out of the boat.

Amruta shoots the red flare while Virat tries to stop her after which Rajeev and his family decide to end the function.

On coming back home, Amruta bumps into Ishika who has been planning the new penthouse of the Ahujas in the same building where Amruta lives.

Virat fixes everyone's mood by showing them the new house that Ishika has designed and she asks everyone to come there.

Meanwhile, Bhavani complains about Amruta not helping her while Jayesh asks her to worry about her daughter who is working hard to earn.

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