Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat and Amrita sleeping in the car together while the goons searching for them in the jungle.

Meanwhile, Ishika follows the goons and wonders that the last location of police were here but they don't looks like the police.

She adds, what they want from Virat and Amrita and continues to follow them while Bhavani says to Inspector Sudhakar that they don't want to file the complaint but just want their children back.

After that, Sudhakar says that their last location is of Lakshmi Vihaar Society after which Bhavani says that they three had gone there but when they were returning some goons attacked on Virat.

Further, she tells Sudhakar that Amrita made her go from there after which she went to help Virat and she doesn't remember anything else, while Dnyaneshwari says the goons must be sent by Babita.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj instructs his goons to keep searching Amrita and Virat after which Virat wakes up and feels Amrita has high fever due to her wound.

He murmurs to himself that Amrita needs quick medical attention, he adds that he is with Amrita and won't let anything bad happen to her.

Further, he takes out his shirt and makes it wear to an unconscious Amrita and worries for her after which, he promises her to take her home before 12 am.

There, Bhavani sides Virat saying he can't harm Amrita ever while Babita asks Sudhakar to search Virat soon after which Sudhakar asks Bhavani that why they go to that society.

After that, Bhavani reveals how Virat has gifted them a house there which shocks everyone after which, Babita comes to her room and gets restless about it while Bebe and Abhiraj's mom try to console her.

Babita laments that Virat has gifted Amrita a house while Bebe asks her to calm down as Virat must have any reason for it while Abhiraj's mom instigates her saying Virat never done such a thing for even Priyanka.

This makes Babita shocked while Dnyaneshwari talks with Bhavani that Virat has gifted home for Amrita and that can happen in two situations only one if he loves Amrita or wants to destroy her.

There, Babita says that she wants to destroy Chitnis's family while Bebe asks her to calm down and take rest for a while.

On the other hand, the goons and Abhiraj search for Amrita and Virat while Ishika listens Abhi from one of the goon and wonders who is he after which Virat senses the danger thus he decides to take Amrita from there.

Meanwhile, someone clicks their photos without Virat's acknowledgment, after which Abhiraj and the goons find Virat's shirt and an empty car.

Further, they get to know that the police are coming through some reporter and leave the jungle.

There, Virat brings Amrita home and the family members question him about him and Virat suspiciously.

However, Virat scolds them and asks to call the doctor immediately for Amrita which makes Babita worried and she decides to do something big to separate Amrita and Virat.

The next day, Amrita and Virat's intimate photos go viral after which Dnyaneshwari and Babita blame each other while Virat clarifies that he hasn't done anything wrong with Amrita and she'll admit it after gaining the consciousness.

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