Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th November 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th November 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th November 2023 episode starts with the anniversary party commencing on the rooftop of the building and Amrita plans to surprise her parents.

Amrita brings Jayesh and Bhavani with her to the terrace after which she announces to the guests that the celebration is about to start.

Harsh stands with Amrita and helps her in bringing in the surprise when Amrita shows the gift that she has prepared for her parents.

Amrita opens the box to show two brand new watches for couples which she gifts to both of her parents on their special day from her side as she feels grateful to them for always keeping her happy.

She adds that she has learned what it means to be a loving couple from her parents who only buds from communication and understanding between a husband and wife.

While hugging Jamuna, Amrita thanks her for taking permission for the party on the rooftop which helped them to arrange everything.

With the celebration beginning, Amrita plays an emotional song after which she and Harsh hug Bhavani and make her feel special for the care she has bestowed them for the past years.

Jayesh also joins them while Amrita reminisces about the days when her father used to wait for her at the stations because she would come late from college.

Amrita talks about the time she got her first job and Jayesh told the shopkeeper outside the building to leave the lights on because the bus stop was dark.

Everyone gets emotional on hearing Amrita's speech after which Amrita hugs both her parents and tells them that they are her ideals whom she always wants to be with.

Meanwhile, the Ahujas arrive at the neighbourhood and get irritated as they hear loud music going on and Babita comments that she will sue the lower-class people who are making noise.

Amrita and others start dancing to a cheerful song to change the atmosphere while the Ahujas come to their penthouse and get welcomed by Ishika.

Ishika shows them the home and its interior after which the family members stand shocked to see some kids roaming around the place which takes them to the rooftop.

Amrita enjoys dancing with Gautam when Virat comes there with his family and is stunned to see a ton of people dancing and celebrating something without anyone's permission.

As Virat comes to approach Amrita, she slips and both of them fall into the fountain water together.

Babita stops the function and asks Amrita on whose permission she has come there after which Amrita and Harsh get to know that Jamuna did not get proper permission.

Jayesh tries to help Amrita but Ishika signals him to step back after which Babita tells Amrita that she will face bad fortune everywhere she goes from now onwards.

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