Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st January 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st January 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st January 2024 episode starts with Virat and his family having their meal while Anjali shows excitement for attending the Makar Sankranti celebration, to which Babita says irritatingly that no one can attend this celebration.

Virat says to himself that if they do not attend their celebration, it would not be good as they attended the Lohri function. 

Babita especially asks Virat not to attend, to which he says that he agrees.

Rajiv thinks to himself that he needs to use Virat once Tara reaches the bank.

On the other hand, Amruta and Bhavani are in their makar sankranti celebration while Bhavani and Jahan do some rituals and apply tika to everyone as they all have fun.

Bhavani asks Jahan to wait for Gautam and his family to come while Amruta goes and looks for Virat wondering if he will come.

Meanwhile, Virat from his office, hears some music and tries to peek out when Dildar comes dancing behind him and Virat also dances along after which Virat asks Dildar to focus on the work if he is done with all this as he laughs. 

On the flip side, Harsh comes to Amruta asking where Ahujas are and says that it is better if they don't come as then they will be able to celebrate this festival with more pomp and show.

Harsh teases Amruta as he compliments her, and Gautam and his mother enter.

They talk while Gautam investigates if Ahuja's are coming or not to which Amruta replies no.

He thinks to himself that if he had known that Ahuja's were not coming, he wouldn't have come also.

He insists on inviting Ahuja's once again but Amruta refuses while Bhavani comes and takes the couple inside for the rituals.

However, Virat sits restlessly in his office while Dildar comes, insisting Virat join the celebration going on, instead of doing such boring work and asking if he should ask Babita for permission.

Virat says no and adds that he doesn't want any fights as it remind him of his marriage with Priyanka.

Virat adds that he wants to forget everything but can't because of Babita, to which Dildar replies that seeing him sad, saddens Babita.

He asks Dildar to continue the work while Rajiv enters the office and somehow, cleverly takes Virat's phone.

On the other hand, Amruta and her family plan games for the celebration while Shekhar comes and introduces himself to Gautam.

He again suggests that Amruta invite Ahuja's personally but Amruta disagrees at first but somehow agrees.

Meanwhile, Rajiv deletes a message from Virat's phone but Virat comes from behind and suspects Rajiv.

They exchange the phones and Rajiv takes a breath of relief as he is finally done with his task.

Dildar and Amruta are in the office where Amruta insists on them to attend the celebration.

As soon as she realizes that Virat is here, she intentionally says that they won't be able to win the competition and turns around.

They both make eye contact while Virat gets mesmerized by Amruta's look.

While talking to each other, they get into a banter and Amruta, somehow, challenges Virat to come and win the competition but Virat goes back to his work.

On the other hand, the society people celebrate the festival happily.

End of Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye today's episode written update. To download KMTMG Hindi Serial all episodes or watch today's full episode (31 January 2024) online, go to zee5.com

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