Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 31st March 2024 episode starts with Virat seeking Bhavani's blessings as she sees Ishika and Jayesh entering which leaves her shocked.

Jayesh and Bhavani come face to face while Babita smirks and Abhiraj asks Amruta who is this and she tells him that he is her father.

Bhavani proceeds to leave the function when Kavita stops her and says that all preparations are done for them.

Babita asks them to mend their terms with Jayesh and Ishika as they are going to get married.

The Chitnis family is taken aback when Abhiraj asks who he is going to marry and Ishika tells him that it's her.

Ishika further tells them today is her roka and she is thankful to Virat and his family that they are celebrating such an auspicious day in their home while Virat is equally shocked because he is unaware of all this.

Amruta asks him if this is what he called them for while Bhavani falls unconscious and Virat and Amruta balance her and make her drink water.

Ignoring all this, Babita announces that today they have gathered here to celebrate Holika dehen but there is one more reason to celebrate and that is Ishika's and Jayesh's roka.

Dildaar asks Babita to be a little considerate of Bhavani's feelings while she tells him that Bhavani has moved on and thus she is here all dolled up.

This makes Amruta question her if a single woman is not allowed to dress up to which she says that they definitely have a right but she was just telling Dildaar that Bhavani is over her broken relationship.

Dildaar asks her to stop this but she congratulates them while the Chitnis family proceeds to leave but find their way hindered by decoration.

Abhiraj goes to clear their way and Babita stops Virat when goes to help them. Babita asks Murli to distribute the flowers and insists Bhavani join them in their celebration.

Virat asks her not to do this but she doesn't stop and happily says that this is the only opportunity to let everyone know that she is over her broken relationship while Bhavani stands there and cries.

Jahan gets angry and says that she will teach her a lesson but Amruta stops her saying it's best to stay quiet at the moment.

Jayesh at the moment smiles keeping Ishika close to him.

Just then, Babita realizes that the sweet has to be from the groom's home and remembers that Bhavani has brought puran poli which they can use.

The Chitnis family finds it hard to believe and comprehend whatever is happening and they cry helplessly.

Babita leaves no opportunity to Taunt them and says that happiness for them might be a reason for someone else's sadness and adds that it is all the result of someone's deeds.

Then, Babita hands bangles to Jayesh and asks her to wear them and Ishika says that it is very pretty just like their relationship, and promises to be with him always.

Bhavani fails to control her tears while Abhiraj and Kavita celebrate the success of their plan.

Meanwhile, Virat wonders how Babita can be this heartless as Amruta goes to talk to Babita.

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