Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 3rd April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amruta talking to herself saying even though Virat had said he wouldn't play Holi then too he is playing just when Bhavani comes there talking to Dyaneshwari, wishing her a happy Holi on a call.

Amruta asks her if she told Dyaneshwari about Jayesh getting married, to which she says that she won’t tell her and expresses her sadness to her and Jahan.

She says that she is feeling bad but she doesn’t want to ever stay with a man kike him.

She says that Jayesh has always made her feel inferior which gave her complexities.

She says her thanks to SAmruta and Jahan for teaching her worth to her and gets emotional.

She asks them to stand by her so that she can start it all again while Amruta tells her that she is proud of her.

Amruta tells her that she has talked to a lawyer as Jayesh will have to pay for not valuing Bhavani’s worth.

Then, Amruta brings a flower and sticks it to her bun, promising her to give all the happiness existing to her.

They all hug each other as Jahan tells them about all her Holi preparations.

Amruta sends them downstairs while Virat comes there and sees that Amruta is not there and starts imitating her.

Amruta enters from behind with appellate to colors as she approaches him.

He accidentally makes it fall as their eyes meet each other.

They somehow again get into a banter as Amruta says that his acting was very bad.

Virat ignores it and applies color to her wishing her a happy Holi.

Ammruta offers peace to him but they start an argument again while Abhiraj comes there to apply color to her but she goes away.

On the other hand, Babita prepares for Ishika’s engagement while Jahan and Bhavani come there.

Dildar sees them and thinks that Ishika and Jayesh’s engagement will hurt Bhavani he goes to them and says that it's very hot here thus going to the terrace, inviting them to accompany him.

Jahan refuses saying in a taunting way that they don’t want to miss Ishika’s engagement as Babita has invited them.

Just then, Amruta comes there thanking him for being so considerate about Bhavani and adds that she is very strong and can manage it all.

Meanwhile, Ishika and Babita are there as they comment on Bhavani’s dress-up.

Amruta wards off evil eyes from her telling Jahan that no one has seen Bhavani with envious eyes ever like Ishika has and that is why she has to do this.

Babita says that she did not expect her to come but here she is. Harsh and Amruta mock at Ishika and Babita gathers everyone for the function.

Before the ceremony starts, Jahan calls in the lawyer which infuriates Jayesh.

He says that they have been divorced but Amruta defends saying she was made to do it and asks her lawyer to explain it to them.

Before he could say anything, another lawyer enters saying Jayesh and Bhavani have been divorced.

He has been called by Abhiraj. Amruta says that she was made to do the sign forcefully but he doesn’t listen.

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