Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with The lawyer showing the papers with a court stamp that proved that Jayesh and Bhavani are divorced which she tore and thus she is a criminal.

Amruta says that Jayesh can’t marry someone else this way leaving Bhavani helpless which makes the lawyer say that she can’t stop the marriage.

Virat thinks of something to do while Babita says that they should continue the celebration and offers to hold the ring box from Jayesh’s side which shocks them.

They all leave as Amruta apologizes to Bhavani for tearing the papers that had gone against them. Meanwhile, Virat talks to the lawyer asking him who called him here and he says Ishika’s name and leaves.

Then, Abhiraj talks to Ishika asking her to return the favor without doing any drama, and further instructs her to make the Amruta and Virat argue.

Concurrently, Harsh suggests eating kulfi as they hear everyone else celebrating when Abhiraj comes and asks Amruta to go as it must be very humiliating for her but she asks him not to tell her what to do and sends him away.

He goes while Amruta says that they should go and begin a new life.

Chitnis's family sees the celebration while Virat plans to hinder it.

Just then, the dhol players arrive with Virat to interrupt the celebration which shocks everyone.

The Holi celebration starts while Amruta thinks that Virat never fails to trouble her but today he thought about Bhavnai and that is why didn’t let Jayesh complete his sentence.

They all dance and have fun and Virat and Shekhar go to Bhavani and dance.

They ask her to dance while Ishika gets furious and Kavita takes Abhiraj aside, asking him to give bhang to her.

He asks her to be careful with it. She goes and puts it in the container in which bhang is made.

On the other hand, Amruta sees Bhavani and Virat dancing and thanks Virat in her heart while she says that she can forget all his mistakes for what he did today.

Just then, Virat gets on one knee and offers a rose to Bhavani to make her feel special which Babita doesn’t like.

She sees Bhavani dancing with Virat and gets furious while Kavita adds bhang to a glass which Deepika takes by mistake but Kavita somehow stops her.

Elsewhere, Amruta joins the celebration where Virat sees her and Abhiraj comes there offering her sharbat while Kavita gives sharbat to Virat.

Virat is just about to have it when Bhavani accidentally pushes her and he and Amruta balance her and the drinks fall.

They forget about it as they dance which makes Babita and Kavita angry.

They somehow push Ishika and Jayesh into the pool.

Meanwhile, Abhiraj and Kavita move on plan B as they plan to do a pani puri competition.

On the flip side, Abhiraj suggests a pani puri competition and asks Amruta to compete with him.

She agrees while Virat sees this happening.

They do the setup and it begins but the container having bhaang is brought which leaves Abhiraj worried.

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