Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th December 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th December 2023 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 4th December 2023 episode starts with Amruta and Harsh telling Bhavani that she should rest and not worry about anything.

Amruta lays next to Bhavani and sings her a soothing song to calm her mind and help her sleep.

She thinks to herself that if she goes to Jayesh to convince him instead of Bhavani then maybe he will be convinced.

The next day Amruta comes home to talk to Jayesh but meets Ishika at the door.

Amruta says that she did not want to disturb her but she wanted to meet her father to which Ishika replies that if she wanted to come back then why did she leave with such an attitude in the first place?

Jayesh enters when Ishika pretends to get hurt and says that Amruta did this to her, Amruta defends herself but Jayesh asks her to shut up.

Jayesh asks Amruta if she has learned these things from Bhavani to which she replies that Ishika halted her from entering her own house.

Jayesh asks Amruta to apologize to Ishila to which she says no.

He says that if Amruta cannot respect Ishika then she has no right to enter his house, he then asks her to leave and come when she learns to respect Ishika.

Amruta thinks to herself that she cannot believe that her team with her father has broken forever.

Meanwhile, Virat is discussing with his friends that Mumbai throws the best parties and then jams with his friends in the car.

Elsewhere, Amruta sits on a bench and reminisces about her past with her dad and starts crying.

Harsh calls Amruta and tells her that they have gotten a bill of forty thousand which worries Amruta.

She immediately recalls Virat and how he was after her life for his money, she goes right in front of his car which forces him to stop.

He gets out of the car angrily and says that if she wants to die then she should go in front of another car to which she replies that even if she dies in front of his car then he has nothing to worry about as he will ask her for the repair money.

She says that she will pay him the money but he should stay away from her family and also he has to pay for the champagne himself.

Virat gets furious but his friend chimes in and says that he will pay the sum and takes Virat away.

Meanwhile, Goswami goes to Virat's family and asks why have they called him to which Bebe replies that they want him to fire Amruta.

Goswami tells Pavita that Amruta is a very good employee and many clients want to work with her but Pavita says that she does not care about that but wants her hired.

Virat's friend overhears this and goes to him while he is sleeping saying that they have to save Amruta's job.

Later, Harsh tells Amruta that they have to find another place of residence as his studies are getting hampered.

Elsewhere, Goswami tells Amruta that she has been fired to which she says that it was not her fault and was Pavita's fault.

Goswami asks Amruta to beg the Ahujas for her job to which she thinks that it is the second time she will be putting her self respect down.

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