Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 5th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat and Amruta in the bathroom, drenched in water when Virat expresses his feelings for her and comes close to her.

The episode goes into a flashback where Abhiraj says that his spice tolerance is very low and therefore, he will add some sweet water to the spicy one and goes under the pretext of exchanging the intoxicated water with the normal one.

The competition begins while the Ahuja family cheers for Abhiraj and Amruta wins the round.

Just then Virat comes, challenging her exactly how Abhiraj had planned.

Abhiraj breaks the container accidentally and the vendor brings the wrong container.

Kavita somehow replaces it with the container having bhang in it.

The competition begins and Amruta goes first and starts acting a little weird after having some pani puri while Kavita and Abhiraj are happy about the success of their plan.

At the same time, Dildaar says to Babita that he wishes that the spiciness of the water works the opposite way and brings sweetness to the bond of Virat and Amruta after which Babita gives her a look and he shuts his mouth.

Virat begins and starts feeling weird after some pani puri but as soon as he is about to have the last one, he stops and lets Amruta win.

She is declared the winner when Virat looks at her adorably and gets up, still looking at her.

Just then, Amruta goes somewhere and Abhiraj follows her saying that Virat is searching for her for saying sorry.

She is sure that Virat won’t say sorry but she will go.

Meanwhile, Bhavani cokes to Abhiraj asking for Amruta and he leads her in the wrong direction.

On the other hand, Virat goes to his home talking to himself saying that today he let Amruta win when Kavita comes to him asking if he is fine and asks her to go to his room.

He refuses and asks her to call his room there and sits on the floor.

Kavita worries about how to get him to his room since Abhiraj has to make his video with Amruta.

She somehow gets him into the room and leaves before anyone sees her.

In the meantime, Amruta enters his house shouting his name and says to herself that he should be scared of her and must say sorry right away.

She wanders around the home searching for Virat and goes near the couch behind which Kavita is hiding.

She thinks it’s Virat there and asks her to come out.

Kavita gets worried that Amruta shouldn’t see her there because she is very clever and might decide that it was all done by Kavita and Abhiraj.

Amruta, still under the effects of intoxicated water sits on the same couch wondering why Virat is afraid of her and continuously asks him to come out to say sorry to her.

She accidentally makes a vase fall on Kavita’s head which makes her angry.

As soon as she searches for him behind the couch, she sees no one there as Kavita is gone but keeps on singing songs to call him.

Just when Amruta is about to spot Kavita, Virat pulls her close and they both look into each other's eyes.

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