Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Ishika degrading Amruta by saying that there are places where things that Amruta has done are legal and she should go there which makes Bhavani slap her.

Ishika goes to slap her back but Amruta stops her and asks her not to dare to even touch Bhavani while she adds that she owes no explanation to anyone which makes the crowd ask her why she trapped Virat.

 On the flip side, Shekhar texts Virat to come downstairs since Amruta is also here and he comes but sees Harsh there so he goes back.

There, Amruta says that they must not listen to Ishika because she is an evil woman and says that if any of them keep relations with Ishika then they will not be related to them. 

Meanwhile, Virat tries to find an opportunity to go down while Hrash tells Dyaneswari about it.

Concurrently, it turns out that neither Ishika nor Abhiraj have clicked Amruta’s picture while Bhavani asks her to talk to Virat via her phone.

She calls Shekhar and asks her to tell Virat to wait for her near the Aqua Prime building the next day and she will meet him there.

The next day, they leave for the hotel and Harsh gives her a tablet to eat for her wound while Virat leaves for the hotel.

Meanwhile, Amruta sleeps under the effect of the tablet and Dyaneswari asks Harsh to ask the driver to take them to the village.

This shocks Bhavani and Jahan and Jahan pretends to have chest pain to get out of the car and stop her from to the village.

They get out of the car and Bhavani sprinkles water on Amruta when Dyaneshwari decodes that it is all Bhavani’s and Jahan’s planning while Virat waits for Amruta to come. 

Shekhar tells him that he talked to Bhavani who told her that they are near the hotel while Dyaneshwari says that she will regret doing all this and Bhavani says that Amruta is a grown-up now and forcing their decisions on her is not fair.

Dyaneshwari says that she had told her to keep her away from Virat but she didn’t and now she will have to face consequences.

Dyaneshwari adds that she is trying to protect Amruta while Bhavvani says that she wants to do the same and that is why she wants to find out who is behind all this. 

Bhavani says that she wants to remove the stain Aruta’s character has got while Dyaneshwari says that once a woman gets questions on her character, it never gets removed.

This makes Bhavani ask her if Amruta has no right to fight against the injustice that she has gone through while Dyaneswari tells her that the society is hollow and has no opinions.

All they care about is gender and for them, men are right and women are wrong.

In the meantime, Babita calls Virat and asks him to return, saying Amruta will not come which makes him wonder how she knows about it.

Shekhar tells him that he told Dildaar and Babita says that Amruta has always ditched and and she will do it again.

Shekhar asks him to agree to Babita because if Amruta was to come, she would have by now which makes Virat think that she is fine.

On the other hand, Amruta comes out of the car and tells Dyaneswari that wrong has happened to her and she is going to correct it while Dyaneswari asks Harsh to tell Amruta to go village with her or else she will not be able to see her face ever again. 

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