Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th April 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat bringing Amruta in his arms which shocks everyone while Babita asks him what is all this when he says that Amruta got a little high.

This makes Harsh furious as he asks him how dare he touch Amruta while he explains to him that he did nothing Harsh doesn’t listen.

Babita asks him to stay away from Virat but he doesn’t listen.

Harsh says that now the police will tackle him while Bhavania and Jahan take him to the terrace and Virat helps them.

Harsh checks Amruta and says that she is fine and he should take her to the hospital.

Virat says that he should definitely do that and he is sure that it is bhaang and nothing else.

Jahan accuses him of feeding Amruta bhaang but he says that he did not do anything as he himself was high.

Babita asks him to shut up as it is not in their class to do such things while Harsh remains angry.

He insults the Ahujas which infuriates Babita and she asks him to talk properly to them.

She asks Dildaar to take some action while Kavita asks her to calm down if it is about a girl.

Deepika says that it must be someone from the building.

Kavita says that whoever did it, it is very wrong while Virat says that he was high too when Kavita says that but now he is in his senses which makes Harsh doubt him even more.

Virat asks him to think whatever he wants but he is not at fault when Kavita is worried that Harsh doesn’t believe him so she starts to say that Virat must not listen to him as he will surely accuse him of filthy things while Babita stops her and Kavita says that these are harsh’s thoughts.

Dildaar requests them to believe them as Virat can do nothing like that while Abhiraj comes there, saying that it was not a funny thing to do to Virat.

He says that he did not do anything and Kavita asks Abhiraj if he remembers anything before he fainted, to which he replies that he remembers seeing Amruta going upstairs as she was not able to balance herself so he went to help her.

Later, he saw her going inside Virat’s room and after that, he fainted.

Jahan tries to recall everything as she says that Virat is the real culprit as he is the one who brought spicy water which had something mixed in it.

This makes him say that his only intention to bring spicy water was to defeat Amruta and nothing else while he asks Bhavani if she has trust in him.

She says that she knows he cannot do anything wrong and asks him to tell whatever he remembers.

Meanwhile, Babita comes in between asking how dare she question Virat and says that she must stay away from him.

She insults them while Abhiraj pretends to say sorry to Bhavani which infuriates Virat as Amruta gains consciousness and stops Harsh from calling the Police Jahan insists on him to call the police but Amruta says that she knows Virat can never do this.

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