Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Virat coming and giving sweets to Amrita's family.

Meanwhile, Jahaan asks why he is distributing sweets while Virat says sarcastically that it's because Amrita got the bail and asks for Amrita.

This makes Amrita's family tense, after which Virat notices it and says that Amrita must be in her room resting and goes there.

At the same time, Bhavani goes after him to stop him.

There, Amrita is seen sleeping covering herself fully with the blanket except her face.

Just then, Bhavani comes there and scolds Virat for coming directly into Amrita's room, while Virat explains himself and tries to talk with Amrita, to which she asks him to go stating she is sick and taking rest.

After that, Virat gets Dildar's call to attend the meeting, and he goes from there warning Amrita that he'll keep an eye on her as he knows she'll do something.

There, Harsh and Jahaan distribute sweets to Virat's guards while they and Virat have a banter over it.

After Virat's departure, Amrita worries about how to escape from there to meet Kalyani as she has to come back too before the police come to check on her.

Further, Jahaan and Harsh tell her that they have made a way for her to escape and then show her unconscious guards and reveal how they added sleeping pills to their sweets.

However, Amrita and Bhavani get tensed but Jahaan and Harsh motivate her to only focus on her aim.

There, Virat's meeting gets canceled and he decides to go to check on Amrita again. 

There Amrita gets to know this passing by and she informs her family about the same and asks them to hide the guards and wait for her next call to know what to do.

After that, Amrita's family hides guards in their kitchen, and Harsh silents their phone, just then Virat comes there and finds the guards missing.

Further, he questions Harsh about it but he asks him to call them as they don't know about it.

When Virat's call doesn't connect Harsh makes an excuse and after that, Virat storms into Amrita's room where Bhavani is sleeping at Amrita's place keeping her phone on speaker from where Amrita talks with Virat while Jahaan and Harsh spreads smog by acting to do veneration.

Meanwhile, Amrita prays to god to give her strength to prove her innocence while Virat who gets troubled by smog asks Amrita to wake up and say sorry to him to end the matter.

Eventually, he goes from there getting troubled by the smog while Amrita meets Kalyani and takes her from there.

On the other hand, Rajeev comes to meet Tara and convinces her to cancel the booking of the car as Amrita might catch them.

Tara agrees to it reluctantly and says she booked the car from the car showroom of Andheri.

There, Kalyani tells Amrita that she has the serial number of the notes as they got the deposit in her bank and they were used to pay for a car.

After that, they go to the same Andheri car showroom to catch the culprit and Kalyani helps Amrita by acting, just then Amrita sees Tara entering there and concludes she has stolen the money and Rajeev must have helped her.

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