Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th March 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th March 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amrita seeing Tara entering the car showroom, while Tara demands the showroom owner to refund her money in cash and is shocked to know that the car showroom's owner has deposited the half amount of payment to the bank.

Further, she gives a receipt to the owner to get the payment back while Amrita tries to click a photo of the receipt as proof and thinks of reaching the cash to prove her innocence.

Just then, Virat comes there to buy car accessories for Nimrit's car, to which the owner takes him inside while Tara escapes from there and Amrita follows her.

Tara messages Rajeev to save her by hiding behind a car and seeing Amrita.

There, Suman informs Ishika that Jahaan has signed the papers, according to which she'll lose her ownership of the house if she doesn't pay 10 lakhs in under 24 hours, and even her family can't claim the house.

Meanwhile, Ishika gets happy that now even Jahaan will be homeless for helping the Chitnis family.

When Suman is leaving Babita comes there and sees Ishika and Suman together and questions Ishika as Suman is Amrita's lawyer.

However, Ishika covers herself while Babita asks her to keep an eye on Amrita, and then Amrita searches for Tara while receiving a call from Harsh.

There, Shekhar informs Virat about Amrita's family making the guards unconscious as the guards inform him, to which Virat asks him to call the police and find Amrita's location.

On the other hand, Amrita tells her family about Tara and Rajeev's scam and sends her location to Harsh to come there, while Shekhar comes and sends the location to Virat.

After that, Virat realizes Amrita is near him and searches her while she tries to catch Tara.

There, Bhavani tells Shekhar that Amrita is innocent and Tara and Rajeev are the culprits and requests him to not call the police while he says he is bound by Virat's order.

However, Amrita's family is successful in convincing Shekhar to not call the police as Amrita is innocent and it is necessary for her to go and search for proof thus Shekhar should support the truth.

After that, Shekhar prays for Amrita's win if she is innocent while Amrita is seen chasing Tara and Virat is after Amrita.

Meanwhile, Tara calls Rajeev by hiding at a place but he doesn't receive it there Virat catches Amrita and they share a romantic moment.

Further, he scolds Amrita for not following bail rules while Amrita says she is out for searching proof of her innocence and tells him that Tara and Rajeev are the real culprits also shows him Tara who is escaping by rickshaw.

After that, Virat offers Amrita to help her with her investigation but Amrita doesn't believe him and escapes from there to catch Tara.

Meanwhile, Virat goes after her, and suddenly Amrita bumps into a car, a boy who is driving the car offers a lift to Amrita to help her.

Further, Amrita takes a lift from the boy after initially denying it and asks him to drive fast to reach Tara and calls him sir while the boy tells his name Raj, and says he doesn't like to be called sir.

There, Virat is also following Raj's car by cycle to reach Amrita, just then Raj blocks Tara's rickshaw with his car, and Amrita catches her.

At the same time, Shekhar also comes there with the police and Amrita asks the police to check Tara's bag to know if she is the real culprit.

The police found Amrita's fake IDs in Tara's purse and arrested her for giving clean chit to Amrita, while Amrita taunted Virat for not trusting her and then thanked Raj.

Meanwhile, he turns around and calls Virat to see him.

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