Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th May 2024 Written Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th May 2024 Written Update

Today's Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye episode starts with Amrita coming to Bhavani and saying sorry to her while Bhavani says it's her fault she should have stopped Amrita and Virat when they came to her to telling her about the fake wedding drama.

She adds, that she didn't deny for it thinking in that way they can find the one who is trying to demolish their image in the society but she forgot that Amrita can't be happy by lying to someone.

Meanwhile, Amrita says that she thinks it's the right way still it feels like something bad will happen, just then Dildar comes to talk with Amrita.

He says that he is disappointed with Amrita as if there was any problem they could have talked while Amrita says that if it happens with his daughter then what he would have done, he would have gone to her.

After that, Virat and his family comes there and Babita says that their house daughters aren't like Amrita and Dildar asks her to stop as he wants to talk with Amrita after which he asks Amrita to say what she wants to say while Amrita asks Virat to accept that he has proposed her.

She adds, that Virat should propose her the way he did before while Virat acts like Amrita is forcing him but Amrita stays firm that Virat should accept her in front of the family after which, Babita alleges Amrita and her family to calls the goons and put the act to frame Virat.

Further, she asks that between the goons and her getting unconscious when Virat gets the time to propose her while Amrita brings out a ring and says that if Virat hasn't proposed her then how she has the ring.

Meanwhile, Nimrit recognised it as Priyanka's ring which shocks everyone after which Virat gets ready to marry Amrita and proposes her in a romantic way.

He also promises Amrita to always fulfill every husband duty and never let her be disappointed while Amrita gets mesmerized by his proposal and accepts it, after which Virat puts the ring in Amrita's finger.

After that, Babita gets unconscious and everyone takes her downstairs while Virat and Amrita feels guilty for their act.

There, Abhiraj sends Ishika Virat and Amrita's proposal photos and Ishika decides to ruin Amrita's happiness while Kavita, Babita, and Bebe laments over Virat marrying Amrita.

Further, Babita says that she won't let Virat marry Amrita while Virat comes and says to her that she can't stop the marriage now as otherwise, he would end up in jail thus it would be best if he marries Amrita to be with his family, nothing can be done now.

Meanwhile, Babita thinks Suresh can do something after which Amrita and Bhavani discuss how Bhavani is tensed about Amrita's fake wedding while Amrita consoles her.

Later, Amrita prepares Besan laddoo and Virat comes there and teases her saying if she is doing it to impress Babita while Amrita makes him remember about Mother's day and says she'll prepare for both as she has to keep doing act.

Just then, Babita comes there shocking them.

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