Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 3rd September 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 3rd September 2023 Written Update, Episode 2

Today's (KYY 5) Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 3rd September 2023 episode starts with Nandini telling Manik to hurry up as she continues jogging along the beach.

He tells her that he never missed her morning jogs while she tells him that she has never woken up late in the past nine years.

They race to their favorite breakfast place where the waiter Joe is happy to see them after a long time and converses with Nandini.

Once he leaves, Manik asks Nandini why she is ignoring him and asks why she did not join the space mission program.

Nandini ignores Manik

Nandini casually says that she has a band to mentor while he tells her that they will figure something out about them.

She reminds him that they need to win the Musicana this year only while tells her that he knows how much the space mission program is important for her.

He advises her to get back to Omkar while she tells him to not worry about it as she continues putting olives on his plate.

Manik annoying tells her to inform Joe that she does not want olives in her dish while she reasons that he loves them making him smile.

On the other hand, Yuvan and Aliya subtly flirt with each other after which they sit down as she tells him that she noticed a vibe between him and Latika.

He reasons that there's nothing between them while Aliya tells him that she does not care about their past relationship but she wants him to fix it.

She says that she knows only about friendships and how they are lifelines to survive in their world.

She advises him to go to Latika and fix their friendship and to come back to her later.

Elsewhere, Latika gets a scheduled private video call request from someone on the MyFans app, and she accepts it when Rishabh comes there and gives her a sunflower while wishing her a happy birthday.

Nandini-Manik merge bands!

Meanwhile, in the hallways, Nandini and Manik argue about whether they should merge their bands or not.

He says that it is going to happen and she is going back to NSRU as he leaves her in hallways.

She goes after him and closes him between her body and the wall and tells him that it is not going to happen.

They both reach the room as Manik tells the band to tighten themselves as they are going to learn how to respect each other and their music.

He tells his team members to pick a chit from the box which contains the names of Nandini's bands and tells them that they have to pair up with that particular band member and learn from them while teaching them their talent.

Rishabh gets Kashin, Latika gets Yuvan and Seher gets Advait.

Manik and Nandini while the band members look at their pairs with unwilling eyes.

Rishabh tries to talk to Kashin but fails while Yuvan also tries to talk to an unwilling Latika.

She tells him that he is right as it is not important that school friends should not be friends in college too.

He calls her a bitch in anger and she leaves saying that now he will know how it feels.

Advait and Latika get exposed

Kashin lashes out at Rishabh telling him that she hates her brother and anyone who supports him being gay before leaving.

Advait hears her and gets a little uncomfortable as he gives Seher an Advil for her headache and leaves.

At the same time, Nandini continues to act upset with Manik while trying to cheer her up with movie dialogue and asks her what is she hiding from him.

She tells him that they should go back to the band while Manik tells her that he is going to let her go for now.

Later, all three pairs fail to make anything in front of Manik and Nandini making them angry.

Manik tells them to fix their personal problems and focus on the music as he will not even put them on the stage of Musicana if they continue showing a lack of passion.

Seher continues getting calls from her home about her baby not eating food while Nandini comes there and tries to comfort her telling her that she should not blame her situation or her baby Noor for falling back.

Nandini asks Seher if she has considered giving Noor up for adoption and Seher nods revealing that she has talked to an adoption agency about it.

Nyonika threatens Manik

Meanwhile, Nyonika enters Manik's office to talk to him telling him that she has thirty percent while telling him that she does not like him getting back together with Nandini as an investor.

She threatens to pull out her money from SAPCE Goa and convince others to pull out too if he chooses Nandini over SPACE.

He tells her to leave if she wants as he will always prioritize Nandini.

Later, Nandini comes to Manik's office and he tells her about Nyonika's threat while saying that someone is giving their information to Nyonika behind their backs.

Nandini suggests not revealing that they are together while he pulls her to his lap and tells her that they should not fear anything if they are in love, especially not when he thinks that she is hiding something from him.

He kisses her neck sensually telling her that he doesn't need anything if she's with him.

Nandini however tells him to not say that he has no dreams and tells him to think about Malhotra Industries and SPACE as she leaves the office.

Further, Latika gets ready to meet her friend closeted&afraid on video call and gets ready in her siren persona while Advait also gets ready wearing a wig and putting on makeup.

However, when she finds out that the person on the other hand is Advait, both of them shut their laptops in shock.

On the other hand, Nandini has a breakdown and she finally confesses to Manik that she also wished their baby away as she had fleeting thoughts of not being pregnant so that she could continue on with her Space Travel Programme.

She cries that she cannot go back there while Manik tries to comfort her saying that her career is not the reason for their baby going away.

Nandini leaves saying that she knows he will see her differently while he goes after her and holds her face close to his telling her that he is going to love her in her good and her bad and all his life while hugging her as she wraps her arms around him finally feeling comfortable.

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