Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 9th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 9th September 2023 Written Update, Episode 3

Today's Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 5 9th September 2023 (KYY 5) episode starts with

The episode starts with Nandini closing her eyes and pretending to be asleep while Manik comes there and starts waking her up.

Manik wraps her in his manly arms and brings her to the swimming pool.

Manik's and Nandini's new start

Nandini looks into his eyes while Manika helps her in getting inside the swimming pool and starts speaking about their destiny and fate.

He mentions that whatever happened to them was their fate and says that maybe they weren’t ready to be parents but now that they are together, they should work on their relationship.

Just then, Manik spots a pendant on Nandini’s neck with a ring, he reveals that he thought she threw that ring but Nandini assures him of her love for him.

Further, both of them lie with their drenching bodies beside the swimming pool, when Nandini admiringly looks at him, This forces Manik to let his feelings explore and he gets over Nandini, both of them caressing each other’s hand.

On the other hand, Latika feels restless about the video call with Advait and goes outside to talk to him about the same but Advait tells her not to talk to him ever and leaves from there.

Manik drops Nandini at NSRU 

The next morning, Nandini is sleeping while Manika looks at her with a huge smile on his face full of satisfaction when Nandini wakes up and questions him about glaring at her.

Meanwhile, Nandini doesn’t find her toothbrush when she remembers that it’s in her flat and that’s when She asks Manik if they should go there while Manik tells her that they both have contributed their emotions to make this house.

However, Nandini also realises that they both should move on in their lives and should focus on creating good memories after which Manik asks her to get ready as he has a surprise for her.

Afterwards, Manik and Nandini are standing in front of the NSRU when Nandini expresses her anxiety about going back to work after so long to which Manik tries to comfort her.

Just then, one of Nandini’s colleagues mentions that Nayonika came there a few days back and was ready to invest the money in their project but backed out when she learned about Nandini’s absence, making Manik and Nandini confused about it.

Advait leaks Latika's truth

Elsewhere, Rishabh goes to each and every one, spreading rumours about Manik and Nandini getting married to each other and going on a honeymoon to Los Angelos after Musicana.

Just then, Manik appears there and informs the students about Nandini and that she’ll not come to college from now onwards, leaving everyone’s faces shocked.

He mentions that he’ll be merging both bands for the performance in Musicana when Kashin protests against it while the other students laugh at her when Manik scolds her for intervening.

Manik gives 10 minutes to both the bands to prepare a song for him and leaves from there after which, everyone starts practising their part in a song.

Meanwhile, Latika sings a few lines of a song when she realises that Advait can perform the lines better but Seher informs her that they need a female voice for this song.

However, Latika says that it doesn’t matter whether a boy sings it or a girl and asks Advait about it, making Advait angry and that’s when he reveals that Latika has an account on the Myfans app.

Kashin questions if this is the app that pays everyone for uploading their videos on it and immediately plays the video on TV when Manik also notice it.

Getting frustrated, Manik rushes to the TV and stops Latika’s video, yelling at everyone for defaming her while Advait and Kashin question him if he won’t do anything about it.

Manik throws Kashin and Advait out of the band and tells them to leave as soon as possible after which he tries to comfort Latika about it but Latika also leaves from there since she feels shattered.

Yuvan follows Latika and assures her that he is always with her no matter what when Latika expresses how tough it is to be poor and tells him about her financial conditions, revealing that she’s able to reach Space just because of this app.

Manik and Nandini shares a romantic moment

At the same time, Advait packs the stuff in the travel bag and leaves from his room when he drops the bag and it opens with a girl's lingerie getting out of it.

However, just in time Nayonika spots that, making Advait anxious and he informs her that he broke up with his girlfriend there he’s going to return her stuff.

Nayonika comforts him that he can tell anything to her, instigating Advait when he lashes out at her for pretending as if she really cares about him and reveals that Manik and Nandini are getting married soon.

At night, Rishabh is having dinner with Manik when he challenges Manik to eat without Nandini to which Manik first hesitates but completes the task.

Further, he questions Rishabh about his feelings for Latika and tells him to never give up on love if he ever finds one in his life as it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Manik goes to the kitchen when Nandini kisses him on his cheeks, thanking him for not giving up on her ever while Manik tells her to thank him properly but gets interrupted by Rishabh.

Nayonika confronts Manik and Nandini

Later, Nandini is fixing the glass house when Manik asks her to stop and both hug each other, Just then, Nayonika appears there questioning Manik for not even informing her about his marriage.

When Nayonika leaves, Nandini questions him if they’re getting married to which Manik replies that yes they are according to Advait and recalls how he told Rishabh to tell everyone the different rumours about Manik and Nandini’s relationship.

Manik identifies Nayonika’s detective as only Advait knew about Manik and Nandini getting married and he conveyed the information to Nayonika.

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