Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 10th February 2023 episode starts with Reet throwing away the "laddu" in the dustbin with a resentful look on her face.

Meanwhile, Katha asks Kailash why he does not do eye contact with her as he is their fatherly figure.

Kailash reveals that he was dreading meeting Katha’s eyes since he refused to help her when she needed it.

He even says that he thought Katha will come one day to accuse him of his vicious act but Katha has brought happiness in their lives and nothing else.

A few tears escape Kailash’s eyes as he accepts that he is feeling light after confessing everything.

Kailash says that he thought Katha would never talk to him with a guilty look on his face which makes Katha remember Viaan’s words about Katha not talking to him and she wipes her tear.

Later, in the office, Katha tells Viaan that she lied about not remembering everything and reveals that Viaan has told her a lot of stuff.

As Viaan tells that he remembers apologizing to Katha, Katha reminds him that he asked why she does not talk to him.

This makes Viaan pause and he stares at Katha with shock written all over his face.

Meanwhile, Aarav calls Robin AKA Viaan to know about his whereabouts but Viaan cuts the call, saying that he is very busy.

When Aarav is entering his school van, Rahul throws some blue ink at his shirt.

As Aarav turns, Rahul and his gang corner him with evil smirks on their faces.

Back in the office, Viaan tells Katha that he should not have used the “tum”(you) word causing Katha to smile.

Katha says that out of all the things Viaan focused on this, and also urges Viaan to reveal what he has in his heart.

Feeling nervous suddenly, Viaan starts stuttering and Katha advises him to talk to himself first.

Ehsan finds Viaan going to his office room and runs to talk to Katha.

He announces that Bombay looks pretty from the middle of the ocean so Katha should go with him to experience it with a charming smile.

Katha refuses, saying she and Aarav are going out tonight to which Ehsan replies that he was talking about Aarav only.

When Ehsan assures her that it will be okay, Katha promises to meet him in the evening.

On the other hand, in the school van, the kids start bullying Aarav and one kid even puts his hand on Aarav’s face to stop him from screaming.

Later, Viaan gets furious as he overhears Ehsan discussing his plan to take Katha on a Yacht date.

Viaan starts walking toward Katha's cabin while muttering that Ehsan has bought one expensive restaurant and two fancy cars in just a span of two years to impress girls.

He stops himself from entering Katha’s cabin as Katha does not trust him.

On the other hand, Neerja urges Aarav to reveal how the ink fell on the shirt while Aarav sits there with a gloomy expression.

After Aarav walks away, Neerja gets a call from someone.

Meanwhile, in Kailash’s house, Kailash scolds Yuvraj for not spending time with Reet.

Kavita even suggests Reet put the two kids in new hobby classes.

Afterward, Yuvraj apologizes to Reet for not being home to which Reet replies that Katha will soon be staying in another room so he should find a new husband for Katha.

After Reet walks away angrily, Yuvraj calls someone to meet him.

In the meantime, Viaan is contemplating whether he should take any steps or not as Katha is an independent woman so she can take care of herself.

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