Katha Ankahee 10th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th July 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 10th July 2023 episode starts with Viaan telling Tejji that he knows how cheated Tejji is feeling yet it is their reality now.

Katha's surprise for Viaan

Tejji feels shaken after hearing this and Viaan explains that Vaniya is his half-sister which causes Tejji to recall Farah’s words about their life being ruined if their truth comes out.

Viaan tells Tejji that Katha is the one who revealed the truth as she was always doubtful of Vaniya’s motive and Tejji starts panicking suddenly.

She excuses herself from the hall, stating she needs some time to process this news.

After Tejji walks away, Viaan gets a call from Katha who urges him to come outside and as soon as he arrives outside, Katha asks him if he has told Tejji the truth.

Viaan replies that Tejji has turned completely silent after hearing this news which is not good.

Katha suddenly comes very close to Viaan which causes Viaan to stop breathing for a second and Katha murmurs that she has not called Viaan merely for talking, instead, she wants to show him something.

However, when these two turn toward the sky, Katha feels dumbfounded as they cannot see anything but before Viaan can ask anything, the sky lights up with firecrackers.

She tells Viaan that there will be no more darkness in his life as she is always here to support him.

He just stares at Katha with a charming smile while Katha also feels captivated by Viaan’s innocence.

On the other hand, stressed Tejji informs Farah about Seema’s dementia and how she has returned with Vaniya.

Farah advises Tejji to forget about her morals because their first priority is to protect their sons and Earthcon and the duo then devise a plan to deal with the situation.

Vaniya's Accusation 

The next day, both Farah and Tejji manipulate Viaan into thinking that Vaniya has returned to get shares in Earthcon only at the breakfast table.

Farah orders Viaan not to feel sympathy for Seema’s dementia because Seema has caused so much distress to her.

Tejji also says shakily that Vaniya must be like Seema only as betrayal runs through their veins and that no one should ever find out that Viraj has an illegitimate child.

Viaan, however, listens to Tejji and Farah’s conversation silently.

When he arrives at Earthcon, he confesses to Katha that he does not feel he will ever be able to deal with this situation sensitively.

Katha praises Viaan for thinking about Seema too when his own mother is also involved and Viaan thanks Katha for always supporting him in his dark times.

He calls Katha the firefly of his life causing Katha to blush.

Meanwhile, Vaniya enters Ehsan’s cabin sheepishly and Ehsan asks Vaniya if she is burned out already due to working with Viaan.

She thanks Ehsan for recommending her to Viaan while Ehsan brushes off the compliment.

However, Ehsan’s face falls when Vaniya confesses that she may have to leave Earthcon today and Ehsan pleads with her to reveal the reason.

Vaniya walks away after telling Ehsan that he will learn the reason very soon.

Later, Katha and Viaan get shocked when Vaniya demands that Viaan acknowledge that Seema was not just another woman in Viraj’s life.

She announces that Viraj and Seema used to love each other and their love was very innocent and she is the proof of it but Viaan dismisses it by stating that Tejji is the victim of Viraj-Seema's affair.

He claims that he was abandoned as a child because of Viraj's love for Seema while Vaniya advises Viaan to confront Tejji as she is sure he will learn the truth then.

After Vaniya walks away, Katha softly tells Viaan that he should judge Seema after understanding the story from every perspective while she herself decides to find out the truth.

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