Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 10th October 2023 episode starts with Viaan begging Katha to listen to him for once.

Katha stands there in silence after hearing this while Viaan puts his hands on her cheeks, saying that earlier he did not know how to react as he was shocked during the time Katha broke up with him.

Viaan further says that he knows someone has forced Katha to do this causing Katha to recall how Maya has strictly ordered her to keep her mouth shut for Aarav’s sake.

She only replies that she and Viaan cannot be together, instead of voicing her real reason and Viaan cries that his death can only part him from Katha until there there is nothing that will keep him away from Katha.

Hearing this, Katha leans into Viaan’s embrace as all her anguish slowly evaporates for a few minutes when Viaan reveals finally that he knows Maya is the reason for Katha’s decision.

Meanwhile, Kailash angrily shouts that he will shoot Viaan if it is Viaan’s fault after which he will shoot Yuvraj dead.

He even shouts that he will kill Yuvraj first if Viaan is proven innocent, triggering Reet’s anger so she claims that Kailash should stop victimizing the criminal.

Reet explains that Viaan has misused Katha's weakness for his own benefit, showing Kailash the CCTV footage which shattered Kailash in pieces within seconds.

All the hurtful things he has said to Katha during Aarav's surgery come flashing back to him as Kailash screams Viaan's name in agony.

When Kailash walks into the living room, he orders Viaan to leave the Garewal house because Viaan's wrong deed has come to daylight now.

This revelation shocks Viaan and he begs Kailash to calm down, saying that he is still punishing himself for committing this crime while Katha just stands there like a statue.

She even removes her hand from Viaan's grip in the middle of Viaan stating that Katha has forgiven him so the Garewal family should listen to his side of the story too.

Shocked by the gesture, Viaan urges Katha to give him some time to which Katha replies that they can never be together in their life because fate does not want it.

Hearing this, Viaan gets miserable as he reminds everyone about how they all turned away from Katha during her toughest time and Kailash replies back agitatedly that Viaan can never replace Aditya in Katha's life.

He says that he is at fault since he was the one who denied the help to Katha when she needed it the most so Viaan turns to Kavita for help.

Viaan promises Kavita that he will spend his whole life repenting yet Kavita does not say anything while Yuvraj's yelling about how Viaan needs to leave Katha alone acts as a background noise.

Just then, Tejji enters the house and she falls at Kailash's feet, admitting that it is her faulty for rasing Viaan in a way that he used to consider every women a gold digger.

Katha urges Tejji to get up, saying that she has to choose Aarav over Viaan so everyone needs to keep this whole revealtion a secret from Aarav.

In the meantime, Ehsan tries to make both Kailash and Yuvraj understand about how Viaan has indirectly saved Aarav but neither Kailash nor Yuvraj are interested in knowing.

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