Katha Ankahee 11th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 11th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 11th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 11th September 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Maya surprisingly that she cannot believe that Maya is doing an act on her love story with Viaan.

Maya replies poutingly that the sangeet is for Katha so obviously her love story will be going to be enacted.

She further butters Katha by saying that Tejji is the one who has planned this because Tejji thinks that KaViaan’s love story is very inspirational.

Hearing this, Katha looks pleasingly stunned while Maya suddenly starts praising Katha for fighting Aarav’s cancer, being a single mother.

Maya tells Katha that Tejji told her about Aarav’s cancer to which Katha replies that the dark time of Aarav’s cancer feels like a completely different timezone.

However, Katha’s face turns pale very soon when Maya mentions that it is very impressive that Katha arranged the one crore money without any help from any family members.

Katha sits there with a blank look on her face as all those horrible memories of the 1001 night play back in her mind.

Meanwhile, Maya observes the stress lines slowly popping up on Katha’s face and then she exits the room with a cynical smile.

After Maya leaves, hot tears start falling down Katha’s face while Katha lets out a deep sigh, taking a few sips of water to calm down her nerves.

Later, Maya discusses with Viaan how she has planned a surprise act for him which will narrate his love story with Katha.

She questions Viaan if he has given Katha the money for Aarav’s cancer, causing Viaan to get flabbergasted for a second.

He gives a very vague answer about how lending a huge amount of money is against the company policy to a new employee so Maya again does not get any clue regarding her investigation.

Later, Katha and Viaan go out with Aarav shopping where Aarav informs them that he prayed in a Dargah and that if Katha and Robin come close then he will go there to pray.

He suggests that KaViaan go there the next day to pray which Viaan accepts gladly since it is his son’s order.

On the other hand, Maya makes Tejji understand that the mystery of one crore is something very big as Katha avoids talking about it and Tejji begs Maya to unveil it quickly.

Maya goes to the same hospital where Aarav was treated and she offers the head of the cancer ward a generous amount of money in exchange for Aarav’s medical history.

The head declines it as it is against the company policy but outside the cabin, a nurse informs Maya that Katha deposited the one crore crore in cash.

When Maya passes this information to Tejji, she makes it clear that Katha must have done something fishy since she deposited the cash very early morning.

Tejji tells Maya that she used to think of Katha as a very saint person but now she is sure that Katha and Viaan’s relationship will break soon after the truth comes out.

Just then, Katha and Viaan arrive at Raghuvanshi's house with Aarav and they let Maya and Tejji know that they are going to a Dargah to pray.

Viaan clarifies that Aarav prayed there for everyone so now he is going there with Katha to show his gratitude.

The next day, Katha and Viaan are going to the Dargah in a car while Viaan becomes a free bird who has just gotten out of his cage.

He speeds up the car, turning on the radio at full volume which makes Katha laugh at him.

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