Katha Ankahee 12th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 12th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 12th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 12th June 2023 episode starts with Viaan showing Katha a smiling photo of Tejji and Farah together.

He looks at Katha grimly as Katha urges him to send a text to Tejji about him missing Tejji.

To ease Viaan’s stress, Katha instructs him to do yoga with her because it will help him with breathing.

Katha explains that she is a yoga instructor who used to take group classes and Viaan stares at Katha with his mouth hanging open.

He tells Katha that if they were not quarantined then he would never know her hidden talent, which makes Katha chuckle lightly.

As they lie on the floor for a long time, Viaan turns to look at Katha with shining eyes while Katha asks him if he is feeling better.

He smilingly replies that he is much better which makes Katha happy and she starts grinning at him.

However, Katha and Viaan suddenly start arguing about what game they should play to pass the time and Viaan suggests they play ludo.

Hearing this, Katha informs Viaan that they are not in college anymore and Viaan excitedly asks if she would play damsharaj.

She just laughs at Viaan’s stupid suggestions since only two people are in Earthcon so it will not be fun.

Viaan’s face falls as he realizes that Katha is right and he grumbles that he should have ordered the whole group to stay so he would not be bored now.

At the same time, Katha urges him to use the coin to determine who will pick the game and Katha wins both times.

She flexes her achievement as Viaan looks at Katha with mocking anger.

However, they don’t start playing the game as Katha flops on the seat with a sad look on her face.

Viaan announces that he knows Katha is hungry which surprises Katha so she asks Viaan how he knows.

He again orders Katha to pray to the god for food and Katha closes her eyes to do so as he says.

At the same time, a delivery boy magically appears in front of the office gate and Viaan reveals that he has his personal food delivery app.

Before Katha can understand what Viaan means, Viaan gets a call from Ehsan who asks them if they need any more food.

Ehsan even urges Katha and Viaan to drink alcohol to relieve stress which causes Katha to roll her eyes.

After Viaan cuts the call, he lights up some candles in the office which fills the cabin with a warm glow.

He quickly says that he has no intention of candlelight dinner as he notices the uncomfortable look on Katha’s face.

Katha however calmly replies that it is perfectly fine but Katha is unable to take any bite as she recalls Aarav’s face.

She admits that she misses Aarav as he stays at his grandparents' house for the first time without her while Viaan listens to Katha softly.

Viaan even cheers up Katha's mood by urging her to make a bucket list and he also starts blushing when he accepts that he has read about in a women's magazine.

Katha then urges Viaan not to feel ashamed as men and women both should understand each other.

On the other hand, Kailash and Kavita t up Aarav's spirit by playing cards with him in the living room, and Aarav's face breaks into a big smile.

Meanwhile, Viaan gets a call from Tejji who asks him if he has eaten anything and Viaan orders her not to worry.

As Tejji cuts the call, she informs Farah that she does not like Viaan's growing closeness with Katha and Farah states that they have to create a situation that will make Katha leave Earthcon.

Farah claims that once Katha leaves Earthcon Viaan's attraction toward Katha will vanish.

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