Katha Ankahee 13th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 13th June 2023 episode starts with Katha laughing seeing tears in Viaan’s eyes after he finishes eating chole bhature.

Katha and Viaan's stay at the office!

She teases Viaan saying that she does not know about the virus but she can clearly see the symptom of chole in Viaan as his eyes are teary.

He then calls Mr. Rana to know about the update who informs Viaan that he would let Viaan know as soon as the test results come out.

Hearing this, Katha nods her head while Viaan suggests they play a game since the dinner is over now.

Katha suggests playing a quiz game and Viaan starts grumbling like a little kid as he keeps answering wrong whenever Katha asks him questions.

He grumpily closes the notebook where he was keeping track of their scores, saying they should play a different game which makes Katha chuckle.

On the other hand, Aarav sneaks into Kailash and Kavita’s room as he is unable to sleep and Kailash wakes up startled seeing Aarav there.

Aarav admits that he is missing Katha so Kavita offers to call Katha so he can talk.

When Katha picks up the call, Aarav asks Katha if he can take Robin with them on their trip too.

At the mention of Robin, Katha turns to look at Viaan with a curious smile, and happily informs Aarav that he can take any friend with him.

Once the call gets cut, Kailash and Kavita ruffle Aarav’s hair, urging him to sleep now.

Meanwhile, Katha yawns in front of Viaan, claiming that she is feeling sleepy as it is already past midnight and Viaan replies that he is not feeling sleepy.

The reflection of Viaan's love

However, Katha smirks as Viaan starts yawning after saying this while Viaan finally admits that he is also kind of sleepy.

As they look around the office, both of them realize that only one couch is in the office so Katha offers Viaan to take it since she can sleep joining two chairs together.

Viaan claims that he can sleep by just sitting on the chair as he often falls asleep like this and Katha gives him a few pillows so he can get comfortable.

Elsewhere, Yuvraj wakes up from his sleep confused as he cannot see Reet around so he walks out of the room with crying Yohan in his arms.

He finds Reet sitting alone in the living room who has a sad look on her face and he asks her if he can make tea for her.

Reet does not respond at all when Yuvraj begs him to sing a lullaby to Yohan as he is crying now and only Reet’s voice can soothe him.

Even Yohan’s crying does not melt Reet’s anger and she orders Yuvraj to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Katha is feeling cold as she lies on the couch so Viaan puts his coat over her body which warms Katha’s heart.

She opens her eyes to gaze at Viaan, mumbling that she cannot sleep now and Viaan offers to ask each other some questions.

As Katha nods, Viaan questions her if she would choose to live a long life or wealth to which Katha replies that she would choose life.

This response surprises Viaan while Katha makes Viaan understand that she wants to fulfill Aarav’s wishes too.

She states that living is only worth it if she can stay healthy, otherwise she does not want half of her life tied to a hospital bed.

Viaan gets upset upon hearing this so he rudely orders Katha not to stay such things.

Looking at Viaan’s tight smile, Katha urges him to understand that sometimes one needs to understand that they have to let their loved one go.

Viaan suddenly announces that they should play throwing paper balls in the dustbin as the atmosphere of the room has become gloomy now.

Katha once again beats Viaan in this game but before Viaan can throw a childish tantrum, he gets a call from Mr. Entertainment, Ehsan.

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