Katha Ankahee 13th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 13th November 2023 episode starts with Ruhi looking for Katha when she is struck with the terrible memories of her past. 

Katha picks up the call which Ruhi asks her while crying about where has she gone and Katha tells her that she is out for work

Ruhi panics and asks why is she out at this time because this has never happened before.

Katha senses that something is wrong with Ruhi and calms her down.

She tells her about the dream house which makes Ruhi feel a little okay. 

Ruhi asks Katha if she is a bad girl because her mother left her because of it and went on a quest for a better daughter.

Katha explains that the people who abandon their loved ones are the ones who are at fault and not the victims.

Further, Katha promises that she will never leave Ruhi alone and will pack her in her bag along with her.

Vanya Meets Katha

Meanwhile, Ehsan is stressed when Vanya comes to him and plays a song.

She takes his hand when Ehsan reminds her that they are in the office.

Vanya says that she does not care because he is her fiance and then starts giving Ehsan acute pressure on his hand.

Ehsan looks at her with a big smile on his face while Vanya says that she wants to go meet Katha to which Ehsan replies that she can but she might find Katha a little reserved and cold.

Back at Katha’s cabin, Viaan comes in and asks her if she is okay and hands her over the new design.

Viaan tells Katha that because of the annual tradition, her office will also get decorated for Diwali.

After Viaan leaves, Vanya enters and hugs Katha tightly while Katha smiles at her,

Katha says that she wishes the best for Ehsan and Vanya to which Vanya replies that true love always prevails.

Katha nods in agreement and says that her friendship too comes with a lifetime guarantee.

She then asks Vanya not to talk to her regarding Viaan while Vanya tells Katha that she is very happy to see her back at the office.

She also tells him that Viaan’s existence is because of her but she cannot complete her sentence and left the office.

Katha Distributes Gifts

Katha heads out of the office too when Pranabh calls her and asks her how is she feeling at Earthcon.

She tells him that everyone is giving her a lot of love which is making it very difficult for her. 

Katha says that the only option left for her is to beg Viaan to leave her alone because he will never let down her request.

Katha hangs up the phone when Raghav comes to take her home.

Viaan goes to them and invites them over to his house for Diwali.

Later that day, Ruhi discusses what she should gift Viaan. Raghav tells her to find an artistic gift for Viaan because he is a poet.

Katha overhears their conversation and gets nervous and then goes to Ruhi and gives her a gold pendant.

Ruhi’s eyes fill up with tears because Katha remembered that she liked it in the mall. 

Raghav Senses A Change In Katha

Ruhi asks Katha what they should gift Viaan but Katha nervously leaves the room while Raghav senses something wrong.

Meanwhile, Viaan asks Tejji to keep simple crockery because Katha doesn't like shiny things.

Tejji and Ehsan scold Viaan for his stupidity in calling Katha and her family.

Viaan asks Ehsan not to ask him to move on and now he has a lot of work to do.

Further, he says that one day the truth will prevail in front of Raghav but before that, he has to make Katha come to terms with her truth.

Back in Katha’s room, Raghav enters and says that Katha keeps things to her heart and should tell him the truth.

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