Katha Ankahee 13th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th October 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 13th October 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 13th October 2023 episode starts with everyone praising Viaan for his singing skills while Viaan thanks all of them for praise.

Viaan also narrates a shayri about love, winning everyone’s heart when the jailer tells him that in two days, he will leave the jail but he hopes that Viaan comes to visit them often.

The jailer further compliments Viaan by saying that his songs always lift up everyone’s mood as Viaan nods his head.

Meanwhile, Falguni questions Katha about when the guy is returning to which Katha replies that in two days he will come back as she is also facing difficulty in raising Aarav.

She also confides in Falguni about how she is trying to understand this new generation by trying to understand them.

Falguni tries to lift Katha’s mood so she explains to Katha how a kid can indulge in bad friendships if the parent does not give full attention to that kid during his teenage age.

Katha nods her head after hearing this, saying that she hopes Aarav's anger does not cross its limits and Falguni assures Katha that nothing like this would happen.

On the other hand, Tejji is looking at Viaan's picture in the big empty Raghuvanshi house with longing when Ehsan walks into the room, asking her to smile.

He complains that Viaan is getting released from jail very soon which is why Tejji should start smiling more otherwise Viaan will assume that Ehsan does not take good care of her.

Tejji replies with a sad smile that only she knows how she has spent the last six months without Viaan, adding she has still kept the room decorated for Aarav just like Viaan did these months ago.

She hopefully wishes that as soon as Katha and Aarav return to the Raghuvanshi house, she will never let them go again while Ehsan consoles her by rubbing her back.

Ehsan then calls Katha to let her know that Viaan is getting released from jail but Katha just replies with an ok without looking enthusiastic.

In the meantime, this phone call takes Katha back to that time when Viaan was thrown into the police van after being arrested and how she was watching him from a distance.

Viaan begs Katha to wait for him until he gets released when Katha actually gets out of her memory lane with a sad smile on her face.

She then opens a box full of gifts and photographs of the times she spent with Viaan which fills Katha with happiness, making her relive the moments again.

When Katha looks up, her eyes fall on the decorated window glass that reminds her of the time in which she painted this with Viaan, bringing a tear to her eyes.

Later that night, Katha tries to warm up to Aarav yet Aarav just simply walks away from her after ordering her to bring the guy back soon.

Whereas Viaan is watching the star from his jail window, muttering excitedly that soon he is going to meet Katha and make everything right.

He then lies down on the floor and similarly, Katha also lies down on the floor sadly in her home while her heart aches for Viaan.

The next day, Katha meets a really difficult teenage girl in her yoga center whose mother pleads with Katha to make her daughter less stubborn.

The girl tells Katha about her troubles behind her mom's back so Katha turns to talk to the mother about it.

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