Katha Ankahee 14th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 14th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 14th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 14th November 2023 episode starts with Raghav telling Katha that her eyes are too revealing and that is why he knows she is in trouble.

He then tells her that he knows Viaan is troubling her which makes Katha shocked.

Meanwhile, Ehsan is tense when Vanya tells him that they should support Viaan if he wants him to be happy.

Back in Katha’s room, Raghav tells her that there is something that upsets her about Viaan.

Katha says that Viaan is his friend and also a decent man to which Raghav replies that he knows that but still if Viaan ever troubles him then she should come to him.

Katha then says that she is just tired and will just sleep it off to which Raghav replies that he will be off to a painting gallery to buy a gift for Viaan.

Katha says that he should buy him a pen because Viaan loves antique things.

The next day, Katha walks towards Viaan’s cabin very slowly because she is reminiscing her past with Viaan.

Katha goes to Viaan and tells him that she will not be able to attend his party and also that she does not want anything from their past in front of Raghav and their family.

Viaan replies with a smile that he is a little offended by the fact that she thinks he will unveil their past to Raghav.

Katha asks Viaan to understand the fact that these might be the last few days of their lives together to which Viaan replies that he believes in destiny and knows that a light will soon take over his life.

Katha then goes to her cabin where Ehsan is waiting for her. He smiles at Katha as she moves inside.

He says that he understands that she must have a lot of boundaries and that is why she took that step but now it is time for Viaan to move on too because he is in a lot of pain.

Ehsan asks Katha not to come to the Diwali party as it will only mislead Viaan.

Katha breaks into tears while Ehsan gives her a hug and they both drown their sorrow.

Meanwhile, Pari and Raghav’s uncle breaks into a cute little fight because their outfits are of the same color.

Raghav then looks at Katha who has not yet dressed while she tells him that she does not want to go as her health is not good.

At Viaan’s house, Tejji looks at the picture of Viaan’s father and says that she is a coward and she knows that because of Viaan’s strong hope in his love.

She says that Katha should be the one hosting this party but now Tejji will have to pretend that she does not even know her.

After a while, Raghav and his family enter while Tejji and Viaan greet them.

Raghav tells Viaan that Katha got cold and that is why she could not make it after which Raghav gives Viaan the pen he bought for him.

Pami tells Tejji that her future daughter-in-law is also an architect which brings a slight twitch in her expression.

Meanwhile, Vanya sends Katha the pictures of Viaan’s house as she looks at them with tearful eyes and remembers all the beautiful memories she had there.

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