Katha Ankahee 14th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 14th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 14th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 14th September 2023 episode starts with Ramesh asking Viaan if he considers himself some kind of hero.

Viaan fools fraudsters

Viaan tries to convince Ramesh by saying that since Ramesh and Mahesh are police officers, he does not want this news to reach his family.

Ramesh looks convinced after hearing this as he assumes that Viaan is scared of them so he signals Mahesh to come out of the car with Viaan and him.

When Viaan comes out of the car with Mahesh and Ramesh, he urges them to give him their number.

Viaan also texts Katha, ordering her to lock the car's back door, which Katha obeys sadly.

Meanwhile, Ramesh and Mahesh give Viaan their phone numbers for net banking and Viaan finds out that these two people are frauds, not real police officers.

With a cool head, Viaan lures these two into a trap by sending Ramesh one paise with the hope that he will give them the rest of the money in the car.

However, as soon as Ramesh and Mahesh get into the car, Viaan brings Katha out of the car who locks the car on her way out.

KaViaan then starts running through a dark forest while those two fraudsters try their best to open the car.

Ehsan oversmarts Maya 

On the other hand, Ehsan is sitting in his room with a nervous face, thinking that if Maya learns about this then everyone’s life will be ruined.

He concludes that Maya can learn about it by looking at the financial statement so he starts calling Mr. Mehta who does not pick up which pushes Ehsan over the edge in stress.

Ehsan also calls Mr. Mehta’s secretary for information and the girl informs Ehsan that Mr. Mehta has gone to meet Maya.

Hearing this, Ehsan gets into his car and starts driving very fast due to which he accidentally hits a car on the road.

In the meantime, Maya calls Mr. Mehta, ordering him to bring all the bank statements from the previous year and also to make sure that no one learns about this.

When Mr. Mehta shows up at Raghuvanshi's house, he gives Maya the file with all the financial statements yet it does not provide any information about Viaan and the one crore.

He has a bandage on one side of his forehead while he recalls how his car collided with Ehsan who has torn the page of Viaan from this file.

Mr. Mehta tries to argue with Ehsan that this file is essential to which Ehsan angrily replies that Mr. Mehta needs to remember that he cannot go against him.

Now Mr. Mehta lies to Tejji and Maya that Viaan has never taken out any money from the company's bank account which makes Maya very confused.

Maya starts doubting herself if she is going on the right path or if she needs to change her path while Mr. Mehta walks out of the Raghuvanshi house.

Neerja takes Katha's side

At the same time, Neerja arrives there with some gifts for Maya and Tejji, saying that she is like a mother figure for Katha which is why she has come here to know why Maya is snooping around Katha's past.

Neerja reminds Maya that she is Viaan's aunt which means Maya should not ask round questions to which Maya replies that she also does not understand why Neerja does not want her to know Katha's past.

Hearing this, Neerja makes it clear that Katha is a very nice person who will always make everyone happy and Maya replies that she will not snoop around Katha's past anymore.

After Neerja leaves, Maya orders Tejji to bring Mr. Tripathi from the Shamita investigation committee after Tejji informs Maya about how Katha saved Viaan from Shamita's allegations.

Maya then offers Mr. Tripathi a bag full of money in exchange for some information about Katha and Viaan.

Meanwhile, Katha and Viaan finally arrive at Dargah after dodging the fraudsters on their way and they stare at the Dargah with happiness.

Whereas Ehsan feels restless as Viaan is not picking up his calls.

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