Katha Ankahee 15th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 15th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 15th May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 15th May 2023 episode starts with Vaniya entering the apartment with a skeptical expression on her face.

Seema has dementia!

She puts her helmet down when Seema walks in with a glass of water in her hands and the smile on Seema’s face gets replaced by a confused look on her face as she finds Vaniya standing in front of her.

Seema tells Vaniya that she thought someone was there, forgetting that she is bringing the water for Vaniya only while Vaniya looks at Seema with pity.

Vaniya rubs Seema’s shoulder, stating that Seema is absolutely right someone was here just a moment ago when Seema sits down on the chair holding her head in her hands, feeling defeated.

A small smile spreads across Seema’s face as she realizes that she was not wrong and she asks Vaniya innocently about the identity of the person.

Vaniya lies that one of her friends had come to meet her and Seema just nods her head like a little kid, looking far away.

Just then, the flashbacks reveal how Vaniya has always given Seema false hope about Viraj being alive and Seema being excited about Vaniya meeting Viraj in Earthcon always.

On the other hand, Viaan is sitting in the traffic with a scowling look on his face as he says that Seema has moved on despite ruining his and Tejji’s lives.

Back in Vaniya’s apartment, Vaniya tells Seema’s doctor that Seema is struggling between past and present so she is unsure about how Viaan has found their apartment in Mumbai.

She further tells the doctor that like the rest of the people Viaan also does not know the real truth instead Viaan blames Seema for everything without knowing what she and Seema have gone through.

Vaniya promises the doctor that she will tell Viaan the truth once she wins his trust but she has to do it soon as Seema is forgetting all her memories due to having dementia.

Katha helps Viaan again!

Meanwhile, in Earthcon, Katha is unable to focus on her work as she feels worried for Viaan so she walks out of her cabin to ask Jeetu Bhai if Viaan has returned or not.

When Jeetu replies negatively, Katha returns to her cabin and she dials Viaan’s number with a sigh after hesitating for some time.

Whereas Viaan stares at the phone for some time, feeling the anger rising inside him yet he picks it up which causes Katha to stutter.

She gives the excuse that she wanted to talk to Viaan about the contractor while Viaan just rests his head on the seat as Katha's voice acts as a soothing medicine for his aching heart Hence, just like this, Viaan’s anger vanishes into thin air.

Both of them fall silent then, instead, they just listen to each other’s breathing and Katha too just closes her eyes while “Koi Jane Na” songs play in the background.

Later, when Viaan informs Ehsan about Seema’s incident, Ehsan becomes furious, yelling that Seema ruined a kid’s child yet she has the audacity to move on.

Ehsan requests Viaan to stay the happy one as he does not want to see the crying one now and Viaan replies that he will truly be happy when Katha will accept his proposal.

He even informs Ehsan that he should spend some time with pregnant ladies to understand parenthood as he needs to understand Katha's son too to which Ehsan replies that Viaan should start delivering babies at maternity ward.

Meanwhile, Katha is working with some people downstairs when she looks up to find Viana standing in front of her and her expression becomes tightened.

She asks Viaan why he did not say anything in the call and Viaan replies that Katha's voice was enough to bring him out of the hurt he was feeling.

Later that night, Katha orders Araav not to study any longer and as soon as Aarav leaves the living room, Neerja pulls Katha's leg by stating that her friend loves to help Viaan Raghuvanshi even though he does not ask for it.

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