Katha Ankahee 15th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 15th September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 15th September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 15th September 2023 episode starts with Katha and Viaan tying threads on the holy wall of the dargah.

Katha watches Viaan lovingly while Viaan is busy tying his thread properly and Katha recalls the moment when she first confessed her feelings to him.

Meanwhile, Ehsan has sent Liza to Raghuvanshi's house where she eavesdrops on Maya’s conversation with Mr. Tripathi.

She clicks a few photos of them and sends them to Ehsan causing him to get confused.

Ehsan questions himself about why Maya is talking to Mr.Tripathi, thinking that Maya is going to use this to break Viaan’s wedding with Katha.

In Raghuvanshi's house, Mr. Tripathi tells Maya and Tejji that one thing seems odd to him during the Shamita investigation which gets Maya’s interest.

He informs Maya and Tejji that during one interrogation, Katha questioned Viaan about how he had previously used a girl for his own benefit.

Mr. Tripathi mentions that Viaan got very uncomfortable after hearing this from Katha when Vanya arrived at the house unannounced.

Hearing Vanya’s voice, Maya orders Mr. Tripathi to leave with the promise that she will give the rest of the money after the job is done.

At the same time, Tejji starts shouting at Vanya angrily that her mom has already given the worst gift to Tejji and Viaan when Vanya reveals that she has brought a wedding gift for Viaan.

Maya then takes the gift from Vanya’s hand, ordering Tejji to stop shouting at a little girl and Vanya walks out of the house in tears.

In the meantime, Ehsan corners Mr. Tripathi in the elevator who tells him that Maya wants to know about Shamita’s case.

On the other hand, Katha and Viaan are unaware of all this since they are busy praying to god for their happy married life.

When they are about to leave, a shawl falls on their head which fills them with positive energy.

As they get out of the dargah, Viaan points toward a big juice tank, saying that it is the juice of love which makes Katha look at him curiously so he explains that sometimes some things in life do not need any explanation.

They then start distributing the juice among the other people and start laughing together.

Meanwhile, Tejji breaks down in tears as Maya concludes that Viaan must have used Katha for a one-night stand because Katha was desperate to get money for Aarav's treatment which Viaan misused.

Tejji cries that she does not know how her upbringing can go wrong yet Maya consoles Tejji by saying that once she gets proof of this assumption, it will be very easy to break the wedding.

Whereas, Ehsan drops Vanya at the road with the excuse that he has to do something very urgent, refusing to tell Vanya about anything related to Viaan and Katha's one crore mystery.

Later, Viaan calls Maya and Tejji to inform them that he and Katha have to stay at the hotel for tonight since their car is stolen which makes Maya happy as now she has more time to investigate properly.

Viaan then cuts the call and pulls Katha in for a hug, saying that he is very happy to have Katha in his life.

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