Katha Ankahee 16th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 16th March 2023 episode starts with Katha working on her laptop while she keeps looking out of the door.

She concentrates on her work again as she does not notice Viaan around whereas Viaan thinks that he should not leave his office this early as it will portray he is too eager.

Meanwhile, Ehsan enters Katha’s room, asking him if she does not need to go home early today to which Katha replies that she just needs to finish some work.

Ehsan offers to drop Katha off and states that he wants to meet Aarav again.

As Ehsan walks out of Katha's office, Katha gets a call from Viaan but before Viaan can say anything, Katha offers to talk to him in her office only.

Viaan gets upset hearing this and he questions Katha if she wants to cancel their plan while Katha replies negatively.

Afterward, Viaan calls his childhood friend to request he adds music to the poem he has written.

That friend requests Viaan to recite the poem so he can make a tune for the song and while Viaan recites the poem, that friend gets mesmerized by the beauty of the lines.

As Viaan is busy reciting the poem, Katha is putting her earrings on while she stares at herself in the selfie camera of her phone.

Viaan's poem describes Katha's beauty about how she makes him special by always talking to him while Katha herself is checking her phone.

Meanwhile, Shamita enters Viaan's cabin sobbing to request him to give her a recommendation letter, saying that she cannot tolerate everyone's dirty looks.

Viaan offers to do something for Shamita when she expresses her desire to leave the company as soon as she gets another job.

Shamita tells Viaan that if he just sends her a text that will be enough or her to find work and Viaan agrees happily.

At the same time, she starts coughing but when Viaan offers her a glass of water, she spills it on the table intentionally.

Viaan urges Shamita to wait till he brings water for her while Shamita sits there continuously coughing.

However, when Viaan enters his cabin again, he gets shocked to see Shamita standing on her feet and accuses him of crossing his limits.

Confused Viaan urges Shamita to reveal what wrong he has done when Shamita announces that she never thought Viaan can do something like this.

Shamita walks out of the cabin while Viaan follows her repeatedly asking her what is wrong.

When Shamita reaches the middle stairs, Ehsan approaches her asking her what is wrong to which she loudly reveals that Viaan has offered her money in exchange for sleeping with him for one night.

She accuses Viaan of sexually harassing her saying that last time everyone blamed her without even doubting their boss.

Katha stands there feeling numb as all the memories of that dark night come flooding back to her whereas Viaan too stands at the top stair with a stunned expression.

He pleads with Katha to believe him, though, his eyes but Katha is too shaken to say anything.

Afterward, Viaan tells Ehsan and Jeetu Bhaiya that he does not about Shamita's allegations while Jeetu comments that he knew Shamita was here for a mission.

In the meantime, Katha enters the lift and feels suffocated as Shamita's words and that night memory replay in her mind continuously.

On the other hand, Shamita orders Ehsan to start investigating Viaan in terms of inner sexual harassment.

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