Katha Ankahee 16th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th May 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th May 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 16th May 2023 episode starts with Farah and Ehsan eating dinner when Farah questions him about his long hours being spent at Viaan's house.

Taking a bite of the food, Ehsan reveals that both he and Viaan have lots to talk about these days while Farah asks him about Viaan looking stressed lately. 

Farah further asks Ehsan if Viaan is trying to find out about Viraj but Ehsan just says that for newer projects, it is necessary to look into the old projects and files.

Meanwhile, Viaan walks into the hall of his house as the moonlight beams into it, making it look silver-like.

He turns on the "Eena Meena Deeka" song on the TV and starts dancing while removing his coat.

Tejji notices his playful dancing from the staircase and joins him and loudly asks him why he is so happy.

Viaan keeps on dancing and indulges Tejji in dancing as well. 

Between his master dance moves, Viaan reveals to Tejji that he has decided only to live in the present and has discarded the past.

This makes Tejji recall Farah's warning about Viaan digging into the past and wanting to know about Viraj when Ehsan walks into the room.

Tejji gets excited to see Ehsan and asks him to call Farah too so they all can go out to have dinner after a long time.

However, Ehsan smoothly diverts the conversation and takes Viaan to another room who is busy dancing.

When Ehsan says that Viaan will be happy with some news, Viaan inquires if Ehsan has drunk since he starts talking in metaphors when he is two shots down.

Ehsan shakes his head and reveals to Viaan that he has made an arrangement for Viaan to learn more about fatherhood.

However, Ehsan's statement gets misinterpreted by Viaan who makes a disgusted face only for Ehsan to clarify that he has found a pregnant lady.

He tells Viaan that his college friend, Keith's wife, Amrita, is pregnant and Viaan can spend some time there to explore and know more about fatherhood since books only have theoretical knowledge.

Later, Viaan calls Keith who informs Viaan that he has composed the song off Viaan's poem while Viaan congratulates him on Amrita's pregnancy.

Keith invites Viaan for a meet-up soon while all Viaan can think about is Katha.

The next day, Neerja tells Katha on the call that Aarav was nervous about his exam all along which makes Katha worried.

After the call gets cut, Viaan comes into Katha's cabin and gifts her the Kaletiya plant which symbolizes new beginnings.

He tells her that sometimes a thank you isn't enough while Katha smiles a second later when she gets to know that Viaan has gifted the same plant to the entire office.

Outside, Vaniya thanks Viaan for the plant who gets pleasantly surprised that she knows the symbolism behind it.

Vanya tells him that her father taught her that after which Viaan raises a cheer to both of their fathers, making Vaniya stand still with a stunned look.

Later, she asks Jeetu Bhai about the mentor prodigy program and says she wants to be the one to be chosen by Viaan to be mentored. 

Meanwhile, Viaan enters Keith's home only to be greeted by a pregnant Amrita playfully.

Both of them recall their college days when Viaan used to be the silent type. 

Just then, Amrita questions Viaan's curiosity regarding pregnancy while he gets awkward.

Later, Keith also joins them as Viaan urges him to make coffee as Amrita being in her third trimester shouldn't work hard and beat the coffee beans.

Seeing Viaan so much into pregnancy topic, Keith asks him if he has found a girl for him or not, causing Viaan to blush internally.

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