Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 16th November 2023 episode starts with Viaan telling Raghav and Katha that they have become a very important part of their lives and asks Viaan where the washroom is.

Katha unconsciously tells him the direction realizing that she made a big mistake but Raghav laughs it off, saying that Katha has good direction sense.

After Raghav leaves, Katha tells Viaan that she is tired of whatever is going on and that they have to stop this.

Viaan says that if she drops the act and pretends, then she will not be tired anymore.

Katha says that Aarav cannot see the both of them together because last time his situation got very critical.

Meanwhile, Viaan replies that Aarav is his son too and he will do everything in his power to convince him.

Viaan looks at Katha lovingly while she asks him not to look at her like that and then leaves.

Vanya and Ehsan are on their way to Viaan’s house where he tells her that she should stop using the brother card as she just met Viaan which infuriates Vanya.

Ehsan stops her and asks for forgiveness.

Back at the party, Pari tells Tejji that Viaan is a very good guy and soon his broken heart will find shelter.

Pari tells Tejji that since Katha has come into their lives, Raghav’s life has been full of happiness, She then asks Tejji if they should find Viaan another girl.

Tejji says that it will be of no use as Viaan is already deeply in love.

Raghav enters the room which initially belonged to Aarav, Viaan enters and tells him that this room belongs to her love’s son whom he considers his own son.

Raghav says that sons do not forget their dads and he knows that Viaan is going through double heartbreak.

Back at the party, Ruhi tells Viaan that he will make him meet Aarav after which Vicky gives a huge yawns making everyone laugh.

Aarav calls Ruhi and asks her where Katha is which makes Ruhi turn the phone over.

Aarav angrily asks her to hang up the phone as he does not want to know where they are partying alone.

Vicky yawns again and asks Ruhi and Pari to go back home with him while Katha and Raghav could stay back and have some fun before returning.

After they leave, Katha calls Aarav and asks him if he is angry to which he says that he is sorry because he did not count till 10 before getting angry.

He says that he misses Ruhi and everyone else and then asks her where she is to which she replies that they are at Raghav’s friend's house.

Later, Pari and Vicky are discussing the party and how Viaan is always in pain to which Pari says that Tejji’s words reflected a regret which makes Vicky say that there must be some history.

Back at the party, Viaan watches Raghav take care of Katha when Ehsan and Vanya enter.

Ehsan is surprised to see Katha after which Raghav congratulates him for his engagement.

Ehsan says sarcastically looking at Katha that he does not step back from commitments and promises.

Viaan adds to that and says commitments should be from the heart and not the brain.

Katha also congratulates Ehsan and says that she knows they will never break apart as only those things break where the heart overpowers the brain.

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