Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 17th March 2023 episode starts with Katha entering her home with a somber expression on her face.

When Aarav shows her a pamphlet about the Karate competition, she doesn't show any excitement.

Seeing Katha’s facial expression, Aarav asks her if she is all right to which Katha replies that she is just tired.

Katha then requests Neerja to tuck Aarav into bed and Neerja says that she will narrate a horror story to Aarav.

Aarav informs Neerja that her stories are always funny while Neerja drags him away.

After Neerja and Aarav leave, Katha falls onto the sofa with a thud while her mind wanders back to that night when Viaan touched her in exchange for money.

She gets confused as Viaan clearly repents that night and how he accepted that he always assumed that girls are after his money.

She again says that now they are back again on the same track and she is unsure what to feel about it.

She goes to stare out of the window as her heart is very heavy right now when Neerja arrives there to ask Katha what is wrong with her.

Katha urges Neerja to not worry as everything is all right with her while Neerja reminds her about their happy family picture.

On the other hand, Viaan orders Ehsan to arrange the board meeting when Ehsan reveals that Shamita wants an internal investigation against Viaan.

Ehsan and Jeetu walk out of the cabin whereas Viaan gets a call from the hotel owner to remind him about his hotel reservation.

With a heavy heart, Viaan cancels the reservation, and he too walks out of his office.

Afterward, when Viaan reveals Shamita's allegations, everyone gets shocked and Tejji along with Farha starts shouting that Viaan can never do such a thing.

One of the board members orders Ehsan, Viaan, Farah, and Tejji to leave saying that Earthcon's reputation is at stake and since these people are related to Viaan, they need to stay out of this matter until they figure out what to do.

Meanwhile, Katha explains to Neerja about Shamita's allegations about Viaan sexually harassing her who takes Viaan's side claiming that Viaan can never exploit someone in need.

Katha tries to make Neertja understand that it takes a lot of courage to reveal something like this and that Shamita has proof while Neerja sticks to her decision.

Back in Earthcon, Farah questions Tejji about what is wrong with Raghuvanshi's men to which Tejji replies that she is sure Shamita has hacked Viaan's phone.

Farah however reminds Tejji that if Viaan is unable to clear his name, it will be a disaster and also adds that history is repeating itself while Tejji just sits there silently.

Elsewhere, Ehsan tells Viaan that he will throw money at Shamita to shut her mouth to which Viaan replies that they will not do anything like this.

He tries to change Viaan's mind saying that Earthcon's reputation is at stake but Viaan does not change his mind.

In the meantime, Neerja advises Katha to see the situation through the perspective of the "tortoise and rabbit" story as the false is the rabbit who is excited whereas the tortoise is the truth.

Katha asks Neerja whom she will trust Viaan or Shamita to which Neerja replies that Katha herself has to figure it out.

Later, the board members declare Viaan innocent since they know him since childhood but Viaan announces that he wants the members to investigate the matter.

He goes on to say that he wants his female employees to feel safe here so an internal female team will be created that will investigate the matter and if he is proven guilty, he will leave Earthcon.

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