Katha Ankahee 18th April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 18th April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 18th April 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 18th April 2023 episode starts with Farah observing Tejji's worry and advising her to not lose touch with Viaan as she has dedicated her life to him.

Tejji looks at Farah who informs her to take matters into her own hand and gives her a solution.

Meanwhile, Katha enters the Earthcon office and informs all the employees that they are running behind the deadlines.

To make sure that they don't lag behind, Katha tells them to work till the end of the day to make sure everything is finished and helps all of them in the office.

Just then, Viaan also enters the office building and upon seeing Katha so involved in work, questions Jeetu Bhai if they are running behind any deadline.

Jeetu Bhai tells Viaan that Katha is making sure her Lonavla and Dubai project is not lagging behind.

Viaan is smitten by Katha

However, before Jeetu Bhai can praise Katha's hard work more, Viaan dismisses him and takes his time to admire Katha.

He silently enters her cabin which is full of employees working under Katha while Katha gets a little surprised to see Viaan's gaze fixated on her.

With a subtle smile, Viaan asks Katha if there is a little work for him too but Katha reminds him that he is the boss.

However, Viaan subtly pulls her legs by saying that he is sure she can give him some work and leaves.

Now, it is time for Katha who watches Viaan silently go out but their stares do not cease on each other as their feelings start to come ripe. 

Later, Katha instructs her team members to have lunch and take a break.

Katha smiles at Viaan's sweet gesture

After everyone leaves, she drops a sweet voice message to Aarav asking if he has eaten lunch and Aarav replies to her instantly, saying he ate his tummy full.

When Katha is about to eat her packed lunch, the peon enters and gives her a bag that somebody sent for her.

Katha opens it up and finds a yellow note which reads that the bag contains food from the restaurant they (Viaan & Katha) went to but couldn't finish.

Viaan writes that he is having his portion and hopes that Katha tastes hers as a big smile breaks on her face.

However, when she realizes she is feeling too giddy for Viaan, the smile disappears.

Tejji visits Kailash to inform him about Viaan

On the other hand, Reet greets Tejji who holds her baby and calls him cute. 

As Reet goes to make some tea, Tejji approaches Kailash and tells him that she came here to meet him only since Viaan doesn't see Katha as an employee anymore.

Kailash stiffens as he knows what is about to come while Tejji states that Viaan likes Katha and it is only Katha who can stop him now.

Kailash tells Tejji that she should first talk to Viaan and Tejji nods, saying she did and that is why she is here now.

Kailash thinks about Viaan's efforts to be close to Katha during Paath as both he & Tejji seem to be worried.

Meanwhile, Ehsan taunts Viaan not to wait for anyone to go home since they are the bosses here while Viaan says he is just waiting for Katha to finish her work.

Viaan is POSITIVE!

Ehsan pulls his leg teasingly but Viaan states that he wants to be near Katha if she needs any help.

At Garewal House, Reet gives Kailash his tea and plays with her words as she says what would happen to Aarav if Katha also starts liking Viaan.

Meanwhile, Viaan enters Katha's cabin as she exits it but later turns around and tells him she knows what he is trying to do.

Viaan stays neutral and tells Katha that he isn't trying to do anything since he is feeling very free and in love.

Katha's big eyes pop out as Viaan tells her that he just wishes she asks him for any help since he won't be the one to trouble her.

Katha's grip on her purse seems to loosen as Viaan's firm words make her heart beat faster.

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