Katha Ankahee 19th April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 19th April 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 19th April 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 19th April 2023 episode starts with Aarav pulling Neerja’s leg by asking her to identify his shirt color.

Katha's late-night yoga

They stop their activity as the door suddenly gets opened and Katha walks in with a grim look on her face.

Judging the expression on Katha’s face, Aarav whispers to Neerja that now Katha will do yoga to relieve stress as she is very angry at everyone including herself.

Katha does her yoga routine step by step just like Aarav whispers to Neerja.

Just then, Katha opens the fridge to check for the ice cream, only to realize that there is no ice cream left while Aarav announces that he is bringing ice cream from the neighbors.

Katha explains that she does not know how to deal with Viaan anymore as she has tried everything like stating her situation, and Viaan’s situation yet Viaan has made up his mind to wait for her.

Viaan is optimistic

Meanwhile, Ehsan offers a glass of wine to Viaan while he tries to make Viaan understand that he will keep waiting all his life if Katha does not say yes.

Viaan explains that earlier he used to hate women and now his heart skips a beat for Katha so this time will also pass.

He states that he has faith in this relationship so he knows Katha one day will surely give him a chance with a soft smile playing on his lips.

Ehsan just clinks his glass with Viaan and they both sip their alcohol in complete silence.

On the other hand, Neerja questions Katha if she is afraid that she may give one chance to Viaan in the future to which Katha replies that she will never give any chance to Viaan at all.

Kailash's confusion

In Garewal's house, Kailash reveals to Kavita about Tejji’s sudden visit and Viaan’s growing liking for Katha.

He explains that he clearly told Tejji that she should control her son as Katha is very intelligent when Kavita questions him about what is wrong with Viaan liking Katha.

Kailash announces that Viraj Raghuvanshi left his wife for another woman so he is worried that Viaan will do the same with Katha and that’s why he is against the relationship.

Kavita tries to make Kailash understand that most of the time criminals' sons turn out to be good guys since they know what is right or not but Kailash does not respond.

As Kailash starts walking away, Kavita stops him, questioning if he does want Katha to be with Viaan or if it is the same with ever other guy.

This makes Kailash pour his heart out about how he is unable to blur the line between Katha being his daughter-in-law and the daughter.

The off-sight project 

The next day, everyone in the Earthcon office is discussing a project when Ehsan suddenly scolds Katha for missing the project "Off sight".

Katha stares at Ehsan with confusion while Ehsan smilingly states that they are late for their official holiday and that Earthcon is going to hire a few people very soon.

Ehsan requests everyone to leave stress so they can bond with their co-workers happily while Katha stands up to continue the meeting.

As Katha hits the table several times during her presentation, Viaan suddenly notices a stapler lying nearby so he rushes to Katha's side and puts his hand over the stapler.

When Katha again puts her hand on the table, unknowingly she puts her hand over Viaan, and the pin gets buried in his hand.

Viaan's heart skips a beat

While everyone rushes to Viaan to check on him, Viaan's gaze stays fixed on Katha who feels giddy inside seeing Viaan's care for her.

However, afterward, Katha scolds Viaan personally in his office for hurting himself and she also makes it very clear that she would not have risked herself when Viaan asks her what she would have done if she was at his place.

Saying this, Katha walks out of Viaan's cabin, and as soon as she sits on her chair to work, Ehsan walks in.

Ehsan clears the air between him and Katha, by saying that he hopes he never crossed the line with Katha since Katha is and will always be his very good friend.

He also states that Viaan is very sincere and that people realize this when they lose Viaan while Katha just listens to it quietly.

Later, Katha and Aarav go visit Yohan at Garewal's house and Kavita asks Katha about Viaan, causing Katha to feel uncomfortable.

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