Katha Ankahee 19th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 19th June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 19th June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 19th June 2023 episode starts with Katha asking Viaan if she can connect the pen drive to the music system.

With a nod, Viaan connects the pen drive to the music system and he turns to stare at Katha in surprise as the old Bollywood music fills the car.

He happily states he loves these old songs because they have so much innocence while Katha looks at Viaan with a gorgeous smile.

She says excitedly that she knew Viaan would also love these songs and as Viaan nods in agreement, she starts grooving to the song.

They discuss their concept of architecture and love and how a ruler created the Taj Mahal for his love.

When they arrive at the hotel for a conference, the lady staff comes forward to put the batch on Viaan’s shirt where the doggy brochure is already tied.

Before Viaan can tell the lady not to touch it, she already causes the brochure to fall.

However, before the brochure can touch the ground, Viaan catches it in his hands without caring that he has dropped his phone.

Katha scolds Viaan for not caring about his phone but Viaan makes Katha understand that this brochure is very memorable for him.

This statement touches Katha’s heart as she finds Viaan putting the brochure on very lovingly.

At the same time, the lady asks Katha and Viaan to come with her so she can show them their room.

As they arrive on the floor, the lady informs KaVaain that they have booked two suites for them with an interconnecting door.

At first, Katha feels awkward but she eventually brushes off the thought whereas Viaan’s face has turned pale after hearing this.

Katha asks Viaan if he is alright to which Viaan replies that he needs to freshen up.

As soon as Viaan enters his room, he stares at the interconnecting door with a tight smile as it reminds him of the time when Katha came to his room for that deed.

He finally gets up from his bed to dial the hotel staff and orders them to change his room.

Meanwhile, Kavita finds Kailash pacing in the living room with a bored look on his face and asks him what he is thinking.

Kailash explains that he is planning to arrange a meet up between Katha and Reet but Kavita orders to talk to these two individually.

She even reveals that Katha has gone to a conference with Viaan and Ehsan.

At the mention of Viaan, Kailash's ears stand up in shock.

He quickly calls Katha to know if she has reached her conference perfectly and Katha reveals that she has come with Viaan since Ehsan is sick.

Hearing this, Kailash's protective instinct comes out yet he cuts the call after advising Katha to be safe.

He tells Kavita angrily that Ehsan must have planned this but Kavita reminds Kailash that Katha is not interested in Viaan.

She also claims that Viaan is a good person while Kailash grumbles in disagreement.

In the hotel, Katha gets stunned to find that Viaan has changed his room so she calls Viaan to ask who lies that the hotel staff gave him the wrong room at first.

She cuts the call and once she arrives at the cafe, she feels warm to see Viaan telling the waitress her exact preference.

Meanwhile, at home, Aarav feels sad when his friend tells him that he has to spend time with his father.

Later, Katha angrily scolds a few guys in the cafe who were spouting nonsense about Viaan.

The guy closes his mouth when Viaan arrives there.

Anirudh also joins them and it turns out these guys belong to Pyramid.

Just then, KaViaan leave after mocking Anirudh for not getting any deals nowadays.

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