Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 1st November 2023 episode starts with Katha driving drunken Viaan home.

Viaan says almost inaudibly that Katha should have given him another chance to which Katha replies emotionally that whatever she did was for the betterment of Araav, Viaan, and herself and to save themselves from the hatred of others.

Viaan asks her if she does not feel the pain he is feeling to which Katha replies that she is also hurting but her happiness cannot come at the cost of her son’s and that is why Viaan and her have to part ways.

Katha reaches Viaan’s apartment and seeks the help of two guards who then takes Viaan inside.

Katha says to herself that if she didn't create distance between her and Viaan then she would have lost Araav forever. 

Katha then returns home where Raghav has been waiting for her, she apologizes to him and says that she got stuck up in some work and ruined their dinner date.

Raghav said that she didn't ruin anything and then showed her the decoration he did inside the house with a beautiful candlelight dinner.

Raghav seats Katha and shows her the ring which he got mended and then helps Katha put it on but he soon realizes that the wound on Katha’s finger has not yet healed.

He says that the ring can wait but the dinner can’t to which Katha agrees and then says that she is worried about Araav because he is going out alone tomorrow.

Raghav says that Araav is very excited about his trip and is not nervous at all, he then says that he will miss Araav because the house will seem lonely without him.

The next day, Viaan gets up in a hangover gets the flashes of last night, and asks himself how can Katha leave him in such a condition.

Meanwhile, Tejji calls Ehsan and Vanya and tells them that Katha is engaged to Raghav and how Viaan got drunk last night because of Katha and eloped somewhere in the morning.

Viaan enters the office and tells him about Katha and last night.

He then says that he wants to meet Katha and confront her because she can't get away with everything without closure.

Viaan angrily snaps at Ehsaan when he tries to reason with him.

Viaan asks Ehsaan to help him because he needs to talk to her and then rushes out of the office.

Meanwhile, Katha is packing Araav’s bag when she hears Ruhi who is crying.

Katha asks her what happened to which she replies that none of her dresses looks good on her.

Katha then says that Ruhi is a very confident girl and whatever she wears, she’s going to nail the look.

She then helps Ruhi decide on her outfit and asks her to go pick out a blue denim jacket from her closet.

Raghav enters and says that Katha is a magician because Ruhi lets her in her personal space to which Katha replies abruptly that they have to get married as soon as possible.

Raghav says that they will talk about this in the night to which Katha says that tonight they will be having a party.

Back at the office, Vanya says to Ehsaan that they all need closure from Katha because this is not fair at all.

Ehsaan replies that Katha can never do anything wrong because she always has a strong reason for her actions. 

Vanya says if only Katha tells Viaan that reason then it will be easy for him to move on from her to which Ehsaan replies that maybe Katha is also scared of something because she has lost a lot in her life.

Viaan enters and asks for Katha’s details from Ehsaan.

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