Katha Ankahee 1st September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 1st September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 1st September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 1st September 2023 episode starts with Katha opening her door to find Viaan standing there.

She lets him enter the house while she herself turns away from him with tears falling down her cheeks.

Viaan hugs Katha from behind and Katha breaks down in tears, saying that she should not have yelled at Viaan like this.

She says that she wants Viaan to co-parent Aarav but she has always brought up Aarav in a very humble way.

Katha further states that Kailash also wants to give Aarav all kinds of gifts yet she does not want Aarav to get spoiled.

Hearing this, Viaan replies calmly that he is Aarav’s father so he always wants what is best for Aarav.

Katha smilingly announces that it will take her some time to get adjusted to Viaan taking decisions regarding Aarav.

At the same time, Kailash and Kavita enter Katha’s room, and they advise KaVIaan to understand that this will not be the last argument between them.

Kailash explains that Katha and Viaan should always solve their problems lovingly in the future.

In Earthcon, Ehsan, Vanya, and Yuvraj are looking at a wedding venue for Katha and Viaan on the big laptop in the office.

Ehsan excitedly claims that he hopes Katha and Viaan’s relationship stays strong like the monuments of this mansion.

Hearing this, both Yuvraj and Vanya smile happily when Liza enters the office room and Ehsan again starts being flirty with her.

Though Liza looks visibly irritated, she does not say anything, instead, she continues being cheesy with Ehsan which in return makes Vanya mad.

However, Yuvraj instantly realizes that Ehsan is trying to create some distance between him and Vanya so Yuvraj starts teasing Ehsan about how he should get married in the same mandap with Liza.

Ehsan gets nervous after hearing this so he walks out of the room with Liza who also advises Ehsan to accept his feelings for Vanya yet he refuses since he cannot break Viaan's trust.

Later, Katha and Viaan arrive at Raghuvanshi's house to discuss how they are planning to make all the decisions regarding Aarav mutually.

Viaan tells Tejji and Farah that they need to understand that Aarav has been brought up in a certain lifestyle so they should make sure they are not suddenly shifting Aarav's lifestyle.

Katha also adds that she knows everyone wants everything good for Aarav yet they should observe how Aarav adjusts to the Raghuvanshi family first before doing anything.

Hearing this, Maya sweetly agrees with Katha's points while Tejji sends Farah a text about how Viaan and Katha have again become a pact.

With a smug smile, Maya signals Tejji to stay calm and then she proceeds to tell Katha about how she will spoil Aarav's future sister/brother.

Tejji also starts planning how she will decorate one part of the house into a nursery for the baby when Katha abruptly stands up, yelling that Aarav is her only son.

Viaan is shocked to hear this and he tries to calm everyone down by saying that they should give Katha some time yet Tejji yells that she will not let Katha snatch the fatherhood from Viaan.

Tejji reminds Viaan that fatherhood is the biggest happiness in one's life so Viaan should not sacrifice this.

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