Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 20th March 2023 episode starts with Ehsan, Tejji, and Farah pacing in Viaan’s office room anxiously.

Suddenly, Viaan walks in to confess that the board will conduct a proper investigation while Ehsan looks pissed.

Ehsan reminds Viaan that Shamita has a piece of very strong evidence against him so there is a high possibility of her winning.

Viaan confidently states that the investigation will shed light on the truth and that he has to set an example for all the female employees in the company otherwise, Shamita will keep blackmailing them.

Just then, Jeetu Bhai enters the office room to inform Tejji that the board members want to meet her.

The board members announce that they will create a team that will be led by most women when Tejji sits with them.

One of the board members states that an N.G.O. person will be a part of the team as well as a senior female employee of Earthcon.

As Tejji listens quietly, the member takes the name of three employees including Katha Singh.

Afterward, when Tejji and Viaan return home, Tejji tries to calm Viaan down saying that Viaan’s innocence will be proven quickly.

She goes on to say that they will knock on the doors of the court for this while Viaan just sits on the couch silently.

On the other hand, Farah advises Ehsan to use Viaan’s tragedy as a golden opportunity for him.

Farah clarifies that as Viaan is busy with this problem, Ehsan can lead Earthcon single-handedly while Ehsan refuses to use it.

Meanwhile, Viaan doesn't eat anything and urges Tejji to calm down as he notices Tejji's finger shaking.

He enters his room while his mind keeps wandering back to the events of the day from his excitement about the date with Katha to his shock when Shamita accused him of sexual harassment.

Coming back to Ehsan, he clearly states that he will never leave his childhood best friend when he needs him the most.

Putting her hands on Ehsan's cheeks, Farah remarks that Ehsan is enough selfish to think about himself only yet now, he is thinking about everyone.

Angry Ehsan announces that if he was in trouble, Viaan would have gone to any length to save him and that, Viaan is the backbone of the company.

He also clarifies that he does not have to take any load since Viaan is the one who deals with all the aspects of the company so for more money, he cannot lose his friendship with Viaan.

On the other hand, Viaan is sulking in his room when Ehsan walks in urging Viaan to come with them to eat and when they reach the Chinese stall, Viaan tells Ehsan that Ehsan needs to take care of all the projects during his absence.

Ehsan orders Viaan to not ponder over this topic as all the office staff is with Viaan and the case will be over in no time.

In the meantime, Katha is unable to spell as she is disturbed about today's events just like Viaan who is also tossing and turning in his bed.

The next day, Neerja motivates Katha to return to her work by facing her fears because it is a sign of a strong person who faces fear.

In Garewal's house, Reet finds a gift box in Yuvraj's pocket and instantly assumes that it is for her but gets upset when Yuvraj gives her some flowers for their engagement ceremony without mentioning anything about the gift.

As soon as Yuvraj leaves the room, Reet starts sniffling through Yuvraj's shirts only to realize that the shirts have a feminine scent.

On the other hand, Viaan enters the office with lowered gaze but his mood brightens up as all the employees show their support to Viaan.

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