Katha Ankahee 21st July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st July 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st July 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 21st July 2023 episode starts with Viaan trying to make Tejji understand that Vanya needs their emotional support.

The need for a special friend!

Tejji grumbles that Vanya is Seema’s daughter so she is not her responsibility while Viaan says that he hopes Tejji changes her point of view.

Hearing this, Tejji sarcastically comments Katha has changed Viaan’s point of view completely but Viaan exclaims that he is hopeful Tejji will soon become fond of Katha.

Afterward, Viaan meets Aarav in the park who explains that he wants a special friend for Katha so Katha can be happy again.

However, Viaan suggests Aarav not to get involved in adult trouble.

When Katha meets Viaan, she nervously rejects his breakfast offer.

Viaan stares at Katha confused after  hearing this when Katha suggests that she meets Viaan for the meeting.

After Katha walks away, Viaan meets Ehsan in his office, suggesting that they include Vanya in the heritage project.

Ehsan instantly denies it with a sour face which shocks Viaan.

Viaan amusingly asks Ehsan how come he is refusing help now since he always loves people helping him around.

Ehsan starts defending himself by claiming that he doesn't need Vanya's help in this particular project.

Ignoring Ehsan’s grumble, Viaan excitedly states that Vanya is his sister which means he is responsible for Vanya's growth.

Hearing this, Ehsan whispers that Vanya being Viaan’s sister is the real obstacle in his path.

Meanwhile, Katha is working in her cabin when Viaan suddenly enters her cabin, looking edgy.

He tells Katha that he can feel she wants to tell him something but is unable to say so.

Katha stands up anxiously and she mumbles that she doesn't know how to say this.

She urges Viaan to assume supposedly she has developed a liking for him which lights up Viaan’s face like a little kid.

However, Viaan’s face falls very soon as Katha confesses that she is worried about Tejji.

Katha announces that Tejji already doesn't like her which is why she doesn't want to come between Viaan and Tejji and be known as a homewrecker.

Viaan tries to calm Katha down by saying Katha is worrying unnecessarily because he will always stick to her side.

He further exclaims that he can feel Katha’s issue is related to him somehow so Katha needs to know that he will always help her in everything.

Katha politely denies Viaan’s help by saying that this time she needs to solve her problem on her own.

Double trouble for Katha

On the other hand, Vanya excitedly enters Ehsan’s cabin and tells him that she is elated to work on the Rajashtan project.

Ehsan rudely orders Vanya to leave, stating that he wants to get off work now while a stubborn Vanya reminds him that they are supposed to work on this project together.

To push Vanya away, Ehsan pretends to be very angry as he announces that he is the angriest boss in this office and since she is a newbie, she should respect him.

This statement makes Vanya laugh so she starts teasing Ehsan about the time when he used to be sweet to her.

She questions Ehsan if he was trying to win her romantically at that time by being sweet or if he is jealous of Viaan becoming close to her.

Hearing this, Ehsan denies everything while Vanya walks away after ordering Ehsan to eat ice cream to cool down his anger.

Meanwhile, Viaan assembles Katha into his office and says she has become a problem for him now.

He even frustratingly announces that from now on he is going to read Katha’s expression and come to the conclusion about what Katha wants to say to him.

Later, Katha confides in Neerja about Mr. Raghuvanshi about how he has become a great friend to her because of which her life feels incomplete in his absence.

Aarav eavesdrop on this conversation from the hallway and he comes to the conclusion that Ehsan, the irritating uncle is Katha's special friend.

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