Katha Ankahee 21st June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st June 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st June 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 21st June 2023 episode starts with Neerja taking the phone away from Aarav’s hand while Aarav looks at the phone with confusion.

She excitedly says Katha should know that Aarav and she are perfectly fine assuming that it is Katha on the call.

Viaan lets out a sigh after hearing this, saying that he thought something is urgent since Katha is gone.

She sends Aarav to bring some water and as soon as Aarav goes out of eyesight, she starts teasing Viaan for sounding so happy, asking if it is the effect of talking to her or having Katha.

The reason behind Viaan's feud with Anirudh

At the same time, Katha appears near their table so Viaan happily gives her the phone, clarifying that he thought something must be urgent but it turned out that Aarav just wanted to talk to her.

Aarav asks Katha for her permission to invite some of his friends to a party and Katha accepts his request on one condition that he will help Neerja out later to clean it.

As he nods excitedly, Katha cuts the call and Anirudh arrives at their table with a bottle of expensive champagne.

Anirudh smugly tells KaViaan that he is treating them to champagne when Katha stands up from her seat, announcing that today Anirudh is treating everyone with a bottle of expensive champagne.

This announcement makes Anirudh very angry and he walks away from there while Viaan praises Katha for being so mischievous all of a sudden.

With a chuckle, Katha asks Viaan to explain to her why Anirudh is always picking fights with Viaan, and Viaan offers her to come with him so he can tell her the story.

When they arrive at the hotel, Viaan tells her that Anirudh loved a girl named Neha who was his friend.

He explains that he and Anirudh came to this conference a few years ago and Anirudh confessed his love for Neha who turned him down.

As Katha looks stunned, Viaan admits that he punched Anirudh on his nose for messing with Neha which makes Katha chuckle.

She jokingly says that due to Viaan’s punching, Anirudh is always poking his nose into Viaan’s business.

The meaning of Love 

Hearing this, Viaan bursts out laughing and urges Katha to look at the sky because he has brought her for this only.

Viaan’s words confuse Katha yet she looks up only to get awe by the stars-filled sky while Viaan watches the stars lighting up Katha’s whole face with a warm glow.

He informs Katha that this kind of sky is not available in Mumbai so they should enjoy it here and he even spreads his own jacket on the floor, asking Katha to lie down.

She hesitates at first but as Viaan requests her once again, she accepts his offer.

Katha’s face instantly breaks into a big smile as she gazes at the stars while she requests Viaan to lie down beside him so he can also gaze at the sky.

Both of them then start gazing at the sky with awe while Viaan points out certain star constellations.

He also narrates a tragic love story from Greek mythology in which the couple died and it instantly ruins Katha’s mood.

She scolds Viaan for narrating such a story as now she can only see her ancestors' faces in the sky but Viaan makes her understand that the main purpose of love is to reunite.

He explains that the lovers have reunited in the afterlife and Katha glances at Viaan with a warm smile.

At the same time, they hear some footsteps approaching, and like college students, they run away from the terrace like it is a crime scene.

Meanwhile, at Earthcon, Ehsan surprises everyone with bottles of beer and he mocks Vaniya for not joining them.

However, Ehsan’s jaw drops as Vaniya opens the beer bottle with her teeth only and these two get into a drinking game.

Vaniya easily defeats Ehsan in the game and Ehsan flops onto the chair with wide eyes.

On the other hand, KaViaan knocks on many people's doors on their way out like teenagers and as they enter a store room, they both get quiet after realizing a couple already sitting there.

KaViaan just stares at each other while the couple's conversation becomes a background for them and for the first time, Katha does not turn her eyes from Viaan.

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