Katha Ankahee 21st November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st November 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st November 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 21st November 2023 episode starts with Katha telling Arav that today they both will have a very mature talk and after listening to Katha carefully he just came to a conclusion.

Before Katha could say anything else, Ruhi comes and takes Aarav away.

Meanwhile, Ehsan and Vanya are having a friendly rift after which Ehsan holds her hands and says that they both should always understand each other.

Ehsan tells Vanya that Viaan is destroying himself because Katha has moved on and it is high time that he moved on too.

Vanya nods after which Ehsan says that he wishes Viaan also gets someone like Vanya.

Back at the house, the Bhaidooj celebrations are going on when Ruhi gives Aarav a present and says that he does not trust her taste.

Yuvraj enters and gives Aarav and Ruhi their gifts after which Katha puts some red color on his forehead.

Elsewhere, Vanya also puts the red color on Viaan’s forehead after which Viaan gives her the gift.

Ehsan tells Viaan that he and Vanya met with a girl who is an architect and also single to which Viaan abruptly says that her name is Katha.

After Ehsan leaves, Viaan says that he is proud of Vanya and that she is trying to take Ehsan’s side even though that is not what she wants.

Viaan says that he feels separation anxiety with Aarav and will probably cry when he sees him after so long.

Ehsan and Viaan leave for the dinner preparation when Vanya calls Katha and asks her if she can meet with Aarav.

Katha says that today she is taking the kids to the Juhu exhibition and will meet her tomorrow.

Later that day, Yuvraj asks Katha if she is okay with working with Viaan to which she replies that she has to talk to Aarav.

Yuvraj says that he fears Aarav might react badly to which Katha says that this is the risk they are going to take.

Elsewhere, Vanya asks Viaan to go to the Juhu exhibition and buy her a present.

Back at the Juhu exhibition, Aarav burns his hand by mistake and starts wailing in pain, Viaan hears his voice and moves in his direction.

After the smoke subsides, Aarav stands face to face with Viaan, and all his emotions are flooded in his eyes.

Aarav’s mind races through all the events that took place with him and Viaan.

Viaan’s eyes are filled with tears and he goes to Aarav but he pushes him behind.

He says that he understands Aarav’s anger but he just needs some time to explain things to him.

Viaan says that he is his Robin, his Dad but Aarav again pushes him and says that he is neither his Robin nor his dad.

Katha comes and asks Viaan not to go after Aarav as it will hurt both of them very badly.

Aarav takes a bat from a boy and starts hitting its bench, Raghav holds him but Aarav keeps yelling his lungs out and screams at him.

He starts beating Raghav but after some time, he calms down but keeps crying and says sorry.

He feels guilty about breaking the bat and is scared of himself, Raghav takes Aarav inside while Katha looks at Viaan who is heartbroken.

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