Katha Ankahee 21st September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st September 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 21st September 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 21st September 2023 episode starts with Viaan pulling Katha into his room after closing the door.

He asks Katha to reveal what is bothering her since her eyes are portraying her inner turmoil while Katha accepts that she is very disturbed about something.

Her eyes well up with tears as Viaan holds her hands and informs Katha that she can always confess whatever is bothering her.

Looking into Viaan’s eyes, Katha finally admits that she has had a nightmare in which Viaan was distant toward her so now she is worried.

Viaan urges Katha to stop overthinking the dream because Katha is just scared due to her previous trauma which makes Katha confide in Viaan about how Tejji has put Aarav’s things in the store room.

Hearing this, Viaan tells Katha that she needs to give Tejji some time to adjust because Tejji can get angry very easily.

He then drags Katha to a different room where he turns on the lights and Katha is amazed as the room is filled with pictures of them with Aarav.

Viaan has also prepared a wardrobe for him and Aarav so they can twin like father and son which instantly fills Katha with warmth.

She stares at Viaan with happy eyes, saying that she hopes that Aarav’s dream of having a big family finally gets fulfilled after the wedding.

Just then, Viaan brings Katha to the balcony to show her the star that he has named after her.

Katha rolls her eyes at Viaan for buying the star as it is a very big gesture but Viaan makes her understand that it is nothing because Katha has given him so much more than this.

On the other hand, Maya meets the hotel owner, the same one that Viaan has used for the one-night stand with Katha and she orders him to give her the CCTV footage.

The hotel owner denies this by stating that he does not have any CCTV footage from ten months ago but Maya insists while calling someone named AJ who can revive the footage.

AJ successfully revives the footage and gives it to Maya who thanks him for this and walks away from the hotel.

When Maya arrives at Raghuvanshi's house, she pretends that she has not found anything related to Viaan and Katha and they should be proud to have Katha as their daughter-in-law since she is very a practical person.

Tejji falls onto the sofa feeling crushed after hearing this since Maya is her last hope when Maya starts laughing, saying that she has seen Ehsan eavesdropping on their conversation so she was making up lies.

She then tells Tejji that Ehsan is gone now after being assured that Viaan's wedding is secured while showing Tejji the video of Katha's walk of shame of that night.

Maya announces that by looking at the video it can clearly be seen that Katha is distraught and now this dark past is going to ruin Katha's future.

In the meantime, Katha scolds Viaan for wanting to sneak out of the house like a teenager but Viaan convinces her by saying that he has never done this so he wants to feel it.

The next day, Ehsan finally meets Viaan yet he does not mention of the one crore scandal and only says that he just wanted to know why Viaan has taken such a huge amount.

At the same time, Vanya tells Ehsan in a whisper voice that she can see Ehsan is looking very relaxed which means his personal mission is solved while Kavita teases Katha and Viaan for meeting each other before the wedding.

Whereas, Maya is busy planning how to use the CCTV footage to ruin Katha's reputation along with the wedding.

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