Katha Ankahee 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Katha Ankahee 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Katha Ankahi written update

Today's Katha Ankahee 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Aarav playing funny games with Kailash and Kavita while Reet is also present there.

Yuvraj enters the house in a drunk state and waves at Aarav with a smile, leaving others shocked to see his state.

Kailash asks Aarav to go to his sister’s room and asks Yuvraj how he ended up in such a state when he knows that children are there in the house.

Yuvraj says he just drank a bit as he was sad and asks everyone if he needs permission to drink in his house now.

Katha enters and gets greeted by Yuvraj but Kailash orders Reet to take him away to his room.

After Kailash excuses himself from there, Kavita tells Katha how Yuvraj has changed very much over the past few days.

The next morning, Viaan meets Aarav again while Tejji’s words revolve in his mind constantly.

Aarav hears Viaan’s problem about girls and becomes his advisor, telling him that girls always want whatever they refuse verbally.

Viaan asks Aarav how he can get one of his female friends to forgive him after he messed up big time.

Aarav suggests Viaan convince that friend until she gives up as after that, he will be showered with loads of kisses.

Meanwhile, Ehsan calls Farah and tells her that he has booked the tickets to Rajasthan for the day after tomorrow and is ready to spend some quality time with Katha.

Farah asks Ehsan to take Katha everywhere in Rajasthan and ensure that she feels relaxed from all the workload.

Ehsan happily comes to Katha and tells her about their trip which leaves both Katha and Viaan shocked as Viaan was coming into her cabin.

After Katha agrees to the trip, Ehsan tells Viaan about the matter to which Viaan replies with his best wishes for the project.

Viaan asks Ehsan to come to his cabin in the next 10 minutes for an emergency meeting while Katha also agrees to join.

After everyone gathers, Viaan announces that they need to prepare a perfect pitch for the Green City that will be constructed in the middle of forests.

Viaan says that he needs to grab the deal anyhow due to two reasons: no others firms will care about the environment except Earthcon and Pyramid is also competing for the deal.

Ehsan and Viaan divide the duties among everyone but they ask Katha if she can handle more work to which Katha agrees.

Katha says that she will give the designs needed as she also wants to grab that deal from Pyramid.

Later, Katha meets with Kavita and explains to her that Kailash is making the same mistake by searching for Aditya in Yuvraj.

Kavita and Katha form an alliance to bring everyone together by deciding to talk to both Kailash and Reet.

At night, Aarav complains about Katha getting busy while Katha explains to them that she has some urgent work.

Katha mistakenly sees Neerja’s phone and catches a glimpse of a message saying Neerja is extremely shameless.

Neerja takes her phone quickly while Katha wonders what is wrong with Neerja lately.

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